COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Goodbye Messages from our CLE Family What was once a new beginning for some of our CLE family, has now come to an end. And before they embark on their new journeys, they have left us with wonderful memories and the sweetest goodbyes messages. Ho, Shui Tung  Christy Project Assistant , CLE Even though I have not been working at the ASLLC for long, the eagerness of learning a new language that was shown to me through students will always be embedded in my heart. This has always reminded me that everyone should keep an open mind in order to take on new challenges and learn new things. For most of my time, I took care of the Intensive Language Summer Camp that happened this year, and I felt that not only did I coordinate the camp, but I also learned a lot from the students. It has been a pleasure to have met the students and my co-workers. I wish you all the very best and I look forwards to seeing your success!  IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 10