COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT One good thing about new beginnings is that they always bring new people into our lives, and with that, I leave you with messages from our beloved tutors for this academic year. A'Jacia Wash From the United States of America "Howdy, I’m A’Jacia here all the way from Texas, USA. I am so excited to be an International Tutor this year and help you enhance your English skills. I love exploring new foods and places to go, so let me know if you have any interesting spots I should try. I look forward to meeting you all and please visit me if you ever need help in English!" Lily Massaro From the United States of America "Hi, I'm Lily, an International Tutor all the way from Portland, Oregon, USA! I love cooking (and eating) delicious food, exploring different cultures, and making new friends. I'm very excited to meet you all and help with your English language skills! Come say hello during my English Café, workshops, or consultations!" Marcus Hazelime From Sweden "Hi, I'm Marcus from Sweden! I work at the ASLLC as a Senior International Tutor, so I can help you improve your English and tell you about life in other parts of the world.If you're feeling brave, you can also try to beat me in badminton - I love being challenged. Say hi next time you see me!" IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 8