CHECKING - IN WITH THE ITS CLE’s Creative Writing Contest An article by : BELHADDAD , Maria This April, the Centre for Language in Education (CLE) held the 4th edition of its annual Creative Writing Competition. Hosted by Maria Belhaddad and Viviana For this year’s contest, the organisers adopted a different approach; instead of providing a theme or topic, they provided a photograph taken by a Gonzalez Lobato, with the help of fellow international tutors, this year’s contest came with a twist! The contest’s was open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Its aim lies in encouraging students who are keen on writing to share their ideas and creative compositions. student. This not only encouraged students who are into art and photography to have a platform where they could share their work, but it also allowed potential students who wish to enter the contest to have more room for creativity. After all, "one picture is worth more than a thousand words”. Thus, the IT Magazine / April Issue 7