MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS Chase your dreams fearlessly An article by : HUANG , Rongze , Lance When I was a little boy, I used to be very shy and cowardly. I seldom talked with others and never raised my hands in class, because I thought my peers would laugh at me if I gave out the wrong answer which would really make me feel embarrassed. However, my teacher Ms. Li noticed this. One day, she had a conversation with me after class in her office. I was very nervous as I sat in the chair, wondering if I did something wrong. She started to ask me why I was always not performing actively in her class. I told her my worries then she told me to take things easy. She said sincerely, “Since you are a student, you are here to learn so do not be afraid of making errors, it is very normal. Even I as a teacher will make some mistakes”. After listening to her words, I felt relieved and relaxed. Afterwards, she suggested me to join the speech contest in our school. This time, I accepted her advice without hesitation. She encouraged me and said that I will surely outstand others by sparing more effort on my practice. In the end, she told me “Do not lose faith in yourself, do not let others limit your ambitions and dreams, always pursue something better to enrich your life.” IT Magazine / April Issue 36