MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS chilly? My best answer is: it just is. I still remember when I watched a ton of self- improvement videos on YouTube one day (Captain Sinbad, he is cool, go check I chose brain has Scientists anything, the word “habit” because our a tendency to repeating itself. found out that if you do good or bad, and maintain it out) out of my daily dose of immense fatigue and boredom, and all of a sudden, I wanted to try out all these new habits by myself; whenever I woke up on one of these days feeling one tiny bit of doubt that if I still want to go on, I just casted it out and kept going as usual. Now I have enough energy to complete doing it for 21 days, it will turn into what we would call “habit” and it will be hard to stop. So, I guess motivation is like making a fire, all it needs is a spark, then the big flame will just keep burning and burning. To my fellow readers, I will say, just find… or wait for your spark. at least one task every day. So far, I have mostly written the draft of my research proposal that received a “good to go” response from my instructor; kept my pace with all the assignment and presentation without missing any one of them; I did my presentations for my class with such clarity and confidence never seen before by myself; once a week I go to a social gathering and I have been making new friends with whom I have been having meaningful and enriching conversations and connections… the power of starting your day right! And it all comes with that sudden surge of motivation. IT Magazine / April Issue 32