MOTIVATIONAL MOMENTS Motivational Moments An article by : LAU , Chak Man , Bernard Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes it just comes when you are not doing anything, then sometimes it does not But the thing is: how can I get that motivation to keep doing all that every day? With all the modern comforts of come whatever you are doing. It seems as if it has its own life and it will pick who to help and who to ignore. Of course, like everything we know life, it would be a monumental effort to wake up on time every day --- unless it is 1 in the afternoon and you have been properly bored by your phone-swiping about life, there is a science behind it. According to scientific findings, if you can do all these every day, you will rest assured to go on with your days motivated: exercise will get you motivated, as it releases chemicals and proteins that restructure your brain in thoroughly conducted in your warm, comfy bed, let alone maintaining a set of new habits for the rest of your life. As I have written in the beginning, it just comes on its own. I have been maintaining this new morning routine for about a month now: first I wake up at better structure and form; meditation will get you motivated, as it helps your brain release chemicals that reduce your stress and depression; a good diet will get you motivated, as junk food will give you glycemic overload that will make you feel tired more easily; good sleep will get you motivated, as longer and deeper sleep lets your brain process all the emotional reactions you had and you will wake up as a happier person. 8:30, brush my teeth, then do a 5- minutes stretching, 15 push-ups and 20 sit-ups, after that, I change my clothes and go running until my breath gets immensely heavy, and I will go back to take a cold shower and have 20-30 minutes of meditation. Where did it all start though? How come do I have the strength to come all the way from waking up early in the afternoon and shivering from the water that is just a bit IT Magazine / April Issue 31