BEHIND THE SCREEN Myth #2 Online learning can fully replace on-campus learning why some people also call online learning as distance learning -- the Even though we assume that the teaching and learning quality remains Keep distance to stay safe, keep connecting to stay well the same as before, the element of face- to-face socialization is always missed in online learning. This is a challenging time; many of us, students and teachers included, are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Some may feel additional stress and anxiety during the period of sense of community is missing. Though practicing social distancing, which may come with a psychological fallout, maintaining social connections is important for better personal well- being. Texting or video-chatting with your friends would be a good option! relatively high level of uncertainty. Mental health support may have been staying on the educators’ to-do list. When lessons were conducted in face- to-face mode, teachers and students could meet each other in person, which fostered the development of a closer rapport and allowed better non-verbal communication. Though teachers are not “faceless” during ZOOM classes (I bet 99% of our teachers will turn on their cameras), teacher-student connections are less strong when compared to conducting lessons on campus. That is why IT Magazine / April Issue 23