HOME SWEET HOME I recalled the day after the evening when the incident took place. My eyes were A few drops of water run down her faces. I come forward, put around my arms fixated onto a red spot on her skin. I wanted to console her, but I guessed I might frighten her. So, I decided to go back to my seat and left her alone. Out of nowhere, I felt as if several rocks were lying on my shoulders. My heart was pricked. I wondered: what if I around her. ‘You are home now.’ acted? Would it have freed her from a more severe abuse? Is it my fault? Today ends. After school, I go back to take my assignment from the drawer. The light is not on. But I can see scarlet scars on someone’s skin. The light is on. It is Helen. Silence descends over the room. I have many questions to ask. I want to know why she did not come to school today. But rather than asking her about this and that, I think having nothing known would be better. I take a seat, accompanying with her. I am thinking, this is when she gets reassured. I move my head towards her. IT Magazine / April Issue 21