SHE IS CALLED RED Crying in despair, she almost wanted to bang her head against the wall and die out. I was looking at that girl, then gazing at Red, I then began to cry. for relief. She did not do that because she has never tried her best to know about “life”. Life is fundamentally full of challenges and unexpectedness. Having diseases is only one part of one’s life. Yes, I did not spend time to learn more about the nature of life. I admitted that I was slowly forgetting the person who I used to be; cheerful and passionate towards life. I nearly Was I crying for having Red or because I was touched that I find myself again? Or was it because my journey came to an end and I had to say goodbye to that girl? No matter what, I felt much relieved and open about Red. I learn to cope with her instead of rejecting to get along well with her.  My tears subsided. I am still living my life with Red. However, I am not the one forgot how I spared no effort on building up my life. Because of a growing panic caused by Red, I locked myself in a room and had no passion to search for a way  I used to be. I have changed my attitude. I do not want to be with Red, I want to give a meaning to her. A meaning to my own life. Psoriasis Painting by Loukoumh, a Spanish-born feminist illustrator. IT Magazine / April Issue 19