SHE IS CALLED RED Can you accept the fact that you cannot wear short pants in the Summer Two years ago, I left my hometown and travelled to Nepal. While I was time? I cannot. It would be trivial and not a big deal in life, you might think, but I did not think like this at that moment. I was just so frustrated and I hated myself for getting red patches, which meant I was no longer as “normal” as the others. As for the “difference”, I was rejected travelling through the rugged mountains and endless stepped fields, I met a girl. She had the same red patches on her body. An amazing friendship develops so easily when someone shares same characteristics with you. She wore a pair of vintage pants and a red vest. There by my inner self again and again. It was easy for Red to draw me back to the time when I have been feeling depressed. When I looked at her or when I was putting soft cream on her, I thought I was weird and ugly. It was incredibly hard for me to love myself. Love, yet, became a distant and forgotten thing in my life, like my memories of having care from my parents and praising myself in the past. Red was here for me, around five years ago, I felt helpless and my life was terrible. were small and irregular shapes of red patches on her neck. I remembered that day I was so curious about her patches and compared hers and mine. You know, humans are interesting. We always want to find identical traits to ensure that we are not alone. I used to be quite lonely since I had not found someone like me. I wept in the rain. I thought I was the only one who encountered Red. Yet, Red has been given a new meaning in my life after I listened to the story of that girl. We started to chitchat every time when we were hiking through the mountains. She told me that it took her Accepting many years to learn how to love herself.  IT Magazine / April Issue 18