SHE IS CALLED RED then burst into tears because of fear. When you are still reading this story, clothes. Hiding seemed like a way for people to cover all those flaws they do you might have some ideas about my friend, or you might still question whether she is a person or not. My friend has a name, but I did not like the way she called herself, so I gave her a new name, one that was easier for me to recognise her with. Her name is Red. not want to disclose to others. When facing uncertainty, people would usually be in extreme panic and get mad about everything that surrounds them. Well, I am not sure whether everyone would share the same feeling, but you can imagine that people often deny and Red is not a person and if you have already guessed so, you would be right. Red is composed of small patches and she has been staying on my body parts for a few years. She had no intention to kill me, but she brought me lots of trouble and shame… and motivation towards life. dislike themselves when they catch a disease, at least at the beginning. For me, I greatly struggled with thoughts of killing myself when I first encountered Red. For nearly five years, I have been learning to accept her as one of my body parts. My father must have been worried about me. My mother, after all the time she spent crying, must have been thinking of ways to help me. Yes, I know they are the ones who are standing by my side, opening their arms and giving me a hug while hoping for my recovery, both mentally and physically. Rejecting Because of Red, I did not think I was worth to be loved. I was nothing but a girl who was covered by red patches on her body. No one would notice them because I was good at hiding myself, you know, I could easily do it thanks to my IT Magazine / April Issue But, can I truly accept Red that easily? 17