SHE IS CALLED RED She is called Red An article by : HO , Wing Chi , Wincy I have had a new and unknown friend since I was fifteen years old. I still do not moment that you met each other, especially since those memories would think that I am familiar with her, but at least I can say that now I know her a bit better than before. This was not a normal friend for me. By normal, I mean a person that would play games with me or one with whom I can watch cartoons together in our leisure time for instance. make you feel bad and horrified. However, the moment I met her was so ineradicable that I cannot choose not to remember. I was shocked by her appearance and my own reaction to her was everlastingly imprinted in my mind. My friend has never ever accompanied me to do such things. Nevertheless, I did not complain about it because I know that friends are not just for having fun, but also for learning and growing in life together. To be honest, I do not really like her. She is certainly not in a good looking, but I have no intention to judge someone by appearance. Indeed, she is not lovely, and you will perhaps agree with me when you get to know her more When I was fifteen, on a summer day, I woke up early as usual. The weather was extremely hot and there was no wind blowing. I woke up from the hot air and got out from the folds of my thin quilt. I went to the toilet which is the first thing I usually do before I start my new day. My life has dramatically changed that day; I was looking at myself and smiling in front of the long mirror, when this unknown friend suddenly appeared. If I try to accurately describe her, I would say that her body merged into mine and I could see her reflection on the mirror as well. She was everywhere, on my Knowing When you hate someone, it would be hard for you to recall back to the moment IT Magazine / April Issue neck, my chest and my back. I screamed, 16