CLE ' S CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST WINNERS - HONOURABLE MENTIONS - The three men shouted in excitement as they raced excitedly towards their prey, We have peeped through the keyhole and seen a great future for us as a people, but it was not an animal at all, it was two strange men that looked like them, Brighter skins, more delicate clothes. They seemed to have come from the city, for what? The man and his sons knew their town was in danger, two dead city people in the jungle? They raced back to only if we can open the door of harmony if we can speak with one voice or understand the dissenting ones. Alas, all we need is a key! Not the banging, not the breaking of the door, but putting a key in the keyhole and twisting. When we twist, we the clan and told them what they saw. “We have to leave here and find a new settlement’’ the man said, everyone agreed. The man said: “we head west’’. His sons disagreed. One said east, another north. The town was divided. Some clansmen went with the man, others with each of the sons. That is the story of how a strong clan became compromise; we understand our differences and move forwards despite. In the end, nothing else matters. Not the lights around us, not the whooshing cars, not the ambitions we have. Everything else blurs into oblivion. All that matters is the key, and the key is LOVE. divided. If you think this story is folklore, you are mistaken; it is not, because today, we are divided due to differences in opinions. We stand at the threshold of ourselves, staring at the shut door of harmony, banging at it and trying to force our way through. IT Magazine / April Issue 14