CLE ' S CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST WINNERS - HONOURABLE MENTIONS - Threshold A short story by : LO , Shi Yu There lived a man in a small community. He was fearless, brave and loved by all. A small hamlet on the The man kissed his wife goodbye and ventured into the jungle with his sons by his side. Usually, they may not come outskirts of town was where he and his clan lived; they shared war stories while the flames danced at night, jokingly frightening the little children. They lived back for days, yet everyone had faith in them that they would bring meat large enough to go around and feed everyone for a couple of days. together in peace and harmony. This man had a wife and two sons, strong and brave like him, they had long braids and were the lead hunters of the clan, along with their father. They provided meat on a daily basis for the whole clan. The clans’ people danced and sang whenever the men went into the jungle to hunt because they knew they would come back successful as they did many times before. One fateful day, Deep in the jungle, the man went further, flanked by his two sons alert like any other. Suddenly, sitting on the rocks up ahead was an animal, more abundant than two humans put together. This was going to feed them for weeks. The man gave the signal, and his two sons hid behind trees, so as not to scare the sleeping animal. The man set up his spear and aimed, took a deep breath, then launched his the men went on yet another expedition, dark soil smeared on their faces, spear in hand, shoulders high and looking as fierce as they can be. The town’s people once again danced, the women wore necklaces made of leaves and huddled up spear into the air with all his might. Time slowed, his breathing slowed. As the spear travelled in the air, there seemed to be extreme silence in the jungle. The launched spear pulled downwards, pointy end first and right on around them for good luck, not as they would need it, but still, it was a tradition. the midsection, buried itself into the animal, just as the man planned. IT Magazine / April Issue 13