CHECKING - IN WITH THE ITS tutors wanted to give the opportunity for students to share their interpretations of the provided picture through prose (500 to 700 words) or poetry ( a minimum of 12 lines). On April 10th, which was the submission deadline, 10 original entries were received. Thereafter, a two-phase eliminatory process was carried out to determine the winners: A jury board comprised of other international tutors carried the first round of the winners’ selections. As the jury’s votes were worth 60%, all submissions who have received at least 1 vote from one of the jury members were able to move on to the second and final selection round. 4 contestants moved to the second round, and for this year, the organisers adopted a new approach to select the winners. In fact, have allowed students to vote for their favourite compositions on both Facebook and Instagram (@ASLLC), and students were quite responsive in this regard. Eventually, the final winners’ selection was a combination of the initial tutors’ votes IT Magazine / April Issue which were worth 60% of the final decision and the students’ votes on social media, which were worth 40% of the final decision. The votes were closed on April 15th and after calculating all the votes, the winners were as follows: Winner (1): Onuoha, Gloria Chioma 1st runner up (1): Kyaw, May Yamon 2nd runner up (1): Ng, Ching Man Honourable mentions (2):  Hu, Diqin & Lo, Shi Yu The event was fairly successful and the organisers would like to warmly thank all parties  who were involved in both the organisation and the voting processes. dfff 8