Issue No.22 - International Edition Polo De’Marco Magazine - International Edition | Page 4

CEO’S NOTES I Written by: Mike Angangan ssue 22 is my ode to the heroes of Australia! With the wildfires raging throughout the country - it is the volunteers and firefighters who are the real heroes. With over 18.600 hectares being burnt and numerous deaths - we should as a citizens of the world should really looks at a world affected by climate change President Donald J. Trumpidura Sc e nted by the Chinese which I frankly feel is hallocks Yet, you see in the press that thousands of koalas and kangaroos have died from the fires and yet the President of America saying its a scam. For an American Presidenta state that climate change is a scam or not real-thom I would like to say to you Mr President: it is very true. That’s why at Pole De Marco Magazine we make sure we promote stories and interview the leading environmental champions of the world. Plus, we promote animal awareness and human right activists. So this is a way we give back to our community and the world. Regardless of that thou - I must say Issue No.22 will be our best yet, because 2020 is a new year and new century where I feel Polo De Marce is going to another level. For example: our interview with Alex Assouline not only is he an amazing book publisher where his hooks go from a min of S500 USD la over S1000 USD. The reason being is that the details placed in his book are well researched and well developed and I must say it is worth every penny. So, this is why I have placed Alex Assouline on a first ever cover for New York South Hampton Talking about environmental awareness and animal causes we have interviewed Laurent Beaux a French Photograher where he shoot the beauty and heast of all animals. And what I mean the beauty and heast of all animals. I am talking about the lions of Africa. He quotes by saying to respect the lions environment you have to keep you’re distance and that the environment their in is there world. So, thats why Laurent uses a 3metre lense to shoot the animal and I must say that is a great way to respect the greatest animal in the world. In terms of luxury. I have never met a guy like Ivan Venkov. Not only is this man a genius, but his creativity is out of this world. The reason I say that is the details he places on his designs whether its his own or his clients is something you have never seen before. This man has worked some of the best brands such as Rolls Royce where he created crystallised Spirit of Ecstasy’ The spirit of ecstasy was created back in 1909 where Baron John Montag commissioned friend and sculptor Charles Robinson Skyes to create a mascot what was noble and holds patronage to the Rolls Royce of today. However, it was meant to be called the ‘Silver Lady or Flying Lady But, the story behind the symbol was a secret passion between Montagu, Second Baron Montagu of Beaulieu and the model for the emblem Eleonor Velasco Thornton. So, basically that love affair between two is the start and founding creating to the modern day Rolls Royce badge So, no matter how you live you’re life or how much money you have in your bank account if you don’t do anything whether you donate into a charity that your passionate about or volunteer for cause. Then my questions is to you is “Why am I here? And what is my purposel”. Hence, as individual citizens of the world. I believe by helping others in life whether it be a financial or otherwise, it is important to give. Hence that is why I have given “Ode to Australialas they have suffered the most in 2020 with the continues fires, flooding, drought and unfortunately deaths. God bless Australia!!! Sincerely Polo DeMarco Magazine Ave de Princess Grace Monte Carlo 98000 Monaco