Issue 90 - Page 60

Graham Denny is a partner in the law firm Wordley Partnership , who are valued sponsors of Guernsey Rugby Club and specialise in the insurance , reinsurance , international arbitration ; dispute resolution and corporate / M & A markets . Wordley Partnership , based in London , is shortly to launch its new transatlantic brand “ L & GW ” with US firm , L & G Law Group LLP . A former rugby player and pupil at Stonyhurst College , the oldest Jesuit school in the world , he recently spoke to Rugby Club Magazine about his positive association with this historic club and his great love of rugby in general ,

“ I can ’ t speak highly enough about my relationship with rugby union , the gifts it has given me and lessons learned . The temperament and discipline of the sport teaches many transferable skills and allows individuals , often from a very young age to learn and develop skills , especially communication and teamwork – looking out for each other and working independently but also as part of a team , something you will often see on the field of play . Bonds and friendships forged amongst players which , in many instances , will last a lifetime .
As a sponsor and supporter of Guernsey Rugby Club , its wonderful to hear that the Club are being recognised this year for their outstanding contribution to rugby on the island and beyond . Its very much the hub of the community and has a real international feel about it with friends coming together from all over the world attracted by Guernsey ’ s focus on the funds , trust , finance and insurance captive sectors . Being an ex amateur player myself ( athough not with Guernsey Rugby Club ) there is nothing more
enjoyable than talking Rugby and listening to some of the fabulous and hilarious rugby stories with your friends and ( ex ) professional players with the inevitable , albeit often unplanned , very late nights and early mornings !
One of the big attractions for Wordley Partnership in sponsoring Guernsey rugby was the opportunity to mix with such a diverse range of businesses , make new friendships and to meet with such a vibrant group of individuals who we felt could benefit from our services .
The local support received by the club is quite something with well over 500 people in the marquee alone during the recent and historic Siam Cup Match . We feel our business at Wordley Partnership very much aligns with many core values that rugby possesses and the many transferable skills , including respect and friendships which are passed onto our children and young people . My son , Seb , plays at Old Reigatians RFC and I have always felt that rugby is a great character building sport instilling a real team spirit within us and importantly our children who play
the sport – the next generation of business leaders and sports men and women . It teaches them a number of grown up concepts at an early age , some which are difficult to learn as adults yet alone as children – confidence , humility , teamwork and discipline and all in a safe environment whilst at the same time keeping them fit and healthy .
I would like to finish off by saying that Guernsey Rugby Club and their army of volunteers , coaches , members and players are providing a great service to rugby within their local community . As a club they fully realise and embrace the importance of youth and ladies rugby which is essential for the club ’ s ( and sport ’ s ) future success . Myself and my partners at Wordley Partnership would personally like to thank everybody at this great club for making us feel so welcome and wish them all the very best of continued success for many more seasons to come ! ”