Issue 90 - Page 57

New workplace dynamics created by the pandemic have seen employees leave in droves – with an average 30 % turnover . This new phenomenon , dubbed ‘ The Great Resignation ’, coupled with an expanded employer role as a social safety net has seen the emergence of a new breed of top-tier employers with a rejuvenated focus on employee voice and wellbeing .

Just as rugby players take pride in playing for a club with a tangible purpose and values , so too do people within businesses . A unique employee value proposition that an employer unearths by speaking to their employees creates a common thread which runs through the entire business and has the power to speak to employees – both current and future – assuring them that they ’ re in the right place .
As the next generation of players comes through our clubs ’ academies , so do the next generation of business leaders ; products of a more conscious and conscientious society . And they want their work to mean something ,
Rugby has certainly had to adapt to the seismic societal shifts of the last 18 months . But as sport begins to return to normal , employers ( and their people ) in more traditional areas are still struggling to come to terms with this change .
Wiser is a creative agency , working with some of the biggest and most exciting brands in the world to help them define and activate their value proposition for employees through research and creativity .
Our ultimate goal ?: Change the way people think about work .
Our work in this space and our passion for unearthing crucial values urged us to find a rugby club to partner with , displaying strong values , a clear purpose – essentially , a club that really stood for more .
The Honourable Artillery Club ( HAC ), nestled in The City of London , proved the perfect match for us and , over the last 4 years , Wiser has been its primary partner . Each November , we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice , so it seems fitting that we partner with a club that lives and breathes this sentiment every day .
We have supported the club in raising funds for its partner charity , provided wellbeing support to members , run professional networking events and undertaken community outreach , as well as using our creativity to design a playing kit that leaves its mark .
We are proud to partner with the HAC . We change the way that people think about work . They change the way that people think about rugby .