Issue 90 - Page 32

London Welsh

Interview with Pete Lowe , Team Manager

Rugby Club

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN INVOLVED AND WHAT FIRST ATTRACTED YOU TO THE CLUB ? I ’ ve been involved with London Welsh in various rolls for over 25 years , I was a Welshman in London , where else was i going to go ?? I am at present a Director , Honorary Vice President and 1st team manager .
WHAT WERE THE MAIN CHALLENGES LONDON WELSH FACED IN REBUILDING THE CLUB ? For me the biggest challenge was picking myself up off the ground after the professional side of the club went into administration and folded , dusting myself off , and offering myself to the amature section of London Welsh asking if i could be of any help to them , once we formulated the plan of joining what was left of the pro club , with the am ’ s , it all kind of fell into place , we recruited Sonny Parker , Cai Griffiths and Will Taylor , as our coaching
staff , then we did our best to take our professional rugby environment as far as we could into the amature club . Everyone bought into the project from the board , to the players and on to the supporters . And we haven ’ t looked back , it took a lot of time and effort by everyone involved , but its all been worth it , and its been one hell of a ride , and its not over yet !!
DO YOU HAVE JUNIOR AND SENIOR COACHING PHILOSOPHY AT THE CLUB ? I think from the minis through to youth our excellent age group coaches put the emphasis on having fun , because if our kids are not enjoying it , they wont stay with us , and they are the future of the club .
Once we get up to senior rugby , our coaching staff of Paul Bessent , Steve Shingler and Will Taylor , under our Director of Rugby Cai Griffiths carry on the philosophy of enjoyment , but what leads
to that is hard work , a heads up attack minded game plan , and seizing every opportunity that 80 minutes of rugby throws up .
HOW ’ S THE GENERAL MOOD DOWN AT THE CLUB AT THE MOMENT ? The welsh race have a natural optimism about us , we need it , especially when it comes to rugby , but due to the success of the last 4 seasons the place is buzzing , and everyone is enjoying these exciting times in our clubs history .
WHAT ARE THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVES IN COPING WITH SO MANY PEOPLE AT YOUR CLUB ? There are no negatives really , only the clubhouse can be a bit difficult to navigate around after a home game due to the sheer numbers we have in , every side we travel to for away games welcome us with open arms , as it will be the busiest day of the season for them , and beer and food sales go through the roof !
WHAT ARE THE KEY INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS THAT HAVE COME THROUGH OR PLAYED FOR THE CLUB ? We have had a total of 268 International players from all nations representing us over the years , ( 188 for Wales , 80 from other countries ), from the great London Welsh sides of the 60 ’ s and 70 ’ s with Wales and British Lions John Dawes , JPR Williams , Gerald Davies , John Taylor and Mervyn Davies , through to the premiership sides of Olly Barkley , Tom May , Sonny Parker , Gavin Henson and Piri Weepu .


At Youth level we take it a bit more seriously , but we are still inclusive and anyone and everyone can play rugby here .