Issue 90 - Page 26

Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club

50 th

Anniversary Tribute

Alec Adams joined Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Club in 1988 .

He played on until 2000 when a broken leg whilst on tour in Belgium put an end to his career . Over the years Alec has been a player , Player Manager , fitness coach , Membership Secretary , Vice-Chairman , Chairman 2000 – 2004 and I now he looks after sponsorship and membership and the relationship with FSI who run the RFU ’ s GMS system . He recently spoke to Rugby Club Magazine :

YOU TO THE CLUB ? I joined Wootton Bassett RFC in 1988 when I moved to the area with my job . Having trained at three other local clubs I found Bassett to be the most welcoming and well organised . A great bunch of people who appeared to embrace the spirit of rugby football , i . e . they trained hard to play the best they could and they also knew how to party . A great mix of sport and social activity !
WHAT WERE THE MAIN CHALLENGES RWBRFC HAVE FACED IN BUILDING YOUR CLUB INTO WHAT IT IS TODAY ? Initially the challenge was to build a vision that everybody
could buy into , to create the best amateur community rugby club we could . Once we understood our goal then it was a case of investigating the best way to finance the provision of the most appropriate facilities and discovering how best to attract and keep players . From our original nomadic beginnings through our first clubhouse and grounds in town with just two pitches we have moved on to occupy 25 acres of land on the outskirts of town with 5 pitches and teams at every age group from under 6 through to adults and a girls section . The financing has not been easy .
However , with great help from organisations such as the RFU , Sport England , the Wiltshire Community Foundation , Landfill Community funding and
the support of many local businesses , we have some great facilities at our Ballards Ash home . The changes as to how rugby is taught in schools over the years has required a significant effort from the club to establish links with local schools and ensure that our recruitment of new players remains healthy . We then have the challenge of leading youth players into senior adult players .
CLUB AT THE MOMENT ? Positive and optimistic about the things we are in control of . Our finances are well managed and our major capital projects are supported by various grants and sporting packages . We are in the National leagues ( level 5 ) for the first time in our history and