Issue 90 - Page 25

Richie Kimpton and his family have had a long and positive association with Anselmians Rugby Club , he recently took time out to speak with Rugby Club Magazine ,
“ A good friend of mine Mike Campbell`s dad , John , asked me to come down to the rugby club one day and try out-the rest is history as they say . That was in 1982 and I was 18 years old . As a second row forward my coaches instructions were always quite simple , `You ’ re in the 2nd row so no ones going to give you the ball so you will have to go and get it ! And when you do get it you don ’ t give it to anyone else ! ` .” Richie said laughing !
“ After my playing career ended I was co-opted onto the clubs committee , initially as their Ways and Means officer . Our club back then was only open once a week on a Saturday and I recall going down to brush and tidy the place up then spending most of the day there and leaving in the small hours of the morning . Far removed from the excellent new facilities we enjoy today and the time and effort needed to keep everything running smoothly .
My dad Eric , who has been heavily involved in Anselmians over the years always says that he has one
regret and that was , that being a footballer , and quite a successful one in his own right , he wishes he had played rugby as a young man . The camaraderie he has witnessed with his family and friends who were involved in rugby made him feel he had missed out on the on field camaraderie he witnessed and the special bonds visible amongst rugby players . This speaks volumes about this great sport from somebody who had the advantage of looking in from the outside .
We have a very proactive committee at Anselmians and have the advantage of all knowing each other well so can get along and show each other the respect we all deserve- plus because we know each others style so to speak we can manage our relationships with each other pretty well and in a positive manner for the greater good of Anselmians RFC .
The win convincingly , against Birkenhead Park recently , our old enemy , producing some excellent and flowing rugby was a great achievement for our club shows the progress we have made . I would just like to encourage the lads to keep on going on and also wish everyone at Anselmians Rugby Club all the very best of continued success for 2022 and for many more seasons to come !”
Gordon Andrews of club sponsor Bathgate Financial Services recently spoke to Rugby Club Magazine about his positive association with Anselmians Rugby Club ,
“ Our connection with Anselmians was initially business where we were happy to help with business finance to help the facilities development plans , however I would say our relationship has grown over the years particularly as myself and some of my colleagues are ex rugby players and understand the hard work and commitment needed to organise and manage a successful rugby club .
I played most of my rugby at Caldy usually as winger or full back and played up until I was 45 for our vet ’ s side . I did turn out for Anselmians on one occasion when I was
encouraged , shall we say , by Ivor Woolock a very likeable and persuasive 3rd team manager . My colleague Ben Humphries has two of his children who play for the club ’ s mini section and there are many player connections between both our clubs over the years .
Richard Burnett , Jim McKenzie and many other members of Anselmians Rugby Club have always been very welcoming and hospitable over the time I ’ ve known them and it ’ s been an absolute pleasure to have been part of their fabulous new facilities and witness the wonderful community service they are now providing to the people of the Wirral and beyond !”