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Greg Thomson is the new Head of Business at Lloyds Land Rover in Kelso , a big rugby fan and principal sponsor of Kelso Rugby Club he recently spoke to Rugby club Magazine about his admiration for the club and the very positive relationship that has been built between club and business ,

” As a company we are very much about people ; our staff and customers are very important to us . After meeting up with Paul , Bruce and Scott it became quickly apparent that our values and attitudes matched each other ’ s and were at the core of these guys and Kelso Rugby Club . Once we cleared the air about what we felt would work best for both of us moving forward I could see that they were as passionate about their club as myself and our staff are at Lloyds .
I have always been a great fan of rugby and although I never played at any great level , partly to do with my career commitments , rugby has always been a huge part of my life . I hail from Berwick and was the chair of our youth section for a while and have refereed and played for Berwick and St Boswells Rugby Clubs . I was lucky to grow up in an era where the Scottish Borders produced most of the outstanding talent for the Scotland National team !
These days I attend most Kelso home games and enjoy the clubs second to none hospitality during club lunches and events like `rugby memories` which have proved popular whilst being very informative and entertaining too . The new freshness on and off the pitch this season is palpable , and praise must go to many at the club including new president Scott Forbes who lives and breathes Kelso rugby and wants only the best , not just for his club , but for Scottish rugby too . I honestly don ’ t feel that the support received from club sponsors would be in such good shape either if it wasn ’ t for the tremendous efforts
and management of Paul Utterson . Overall , there is a new attitude and energy about the club from committee to supporters , players , and members alike .
It seems very fitting that the club have been recognised as `Scottish Club of the year 2021` by Rugby Club Magazine , in recognition of their great support of rugby and people in the local Kelso community and I would like to wish everyone at Kelso rugby Club the very best of continued success for many more years to come !”

It seems very fitting

that the club have been recognised as `Scottish Club of the year 2021` by Rugby
Club Magazine ...
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