Issue 8 - Page 23

The pandemic and new comfort with Zoom meetings provided a unique opportunity for an increased connection between Deakin College and Fraser International College.

Born out of an idea from both College Directors and a desire for continuous improvement, the DC-FIC Student Experience Forum has become a rich, virtual space for staff on both campuses to share successes, challenges and best practices, and to brainstorm ideas and seek consultation.

Deakin College (DC) is part of UPA, with staff members spread across three Melbourne and Geelong campuses attending the forum. Before mid-2020, there were about 3000 students with a 70:30 mix of international to local students. Students can study Foundation or one of the ten Diploma courses on offer each trimester before transferring to Deakin University.

Better together!

The DC-FIC Student Experience Forum is forging a new path for building cross-institutional connections.

Fraser International College (FIC) is part of UPNA and is situated on the Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus in Burnaby, British Columbia. Pre-pandemic, it boasted a student population of around 3000, which is currently being built back up, and offers courses over a trimester model (with a Spring, Summer and Fall semester each calendar year). The pathway program model is designed to support students with a direct path into their second year at SFU.

So far within the forum has compared organisational structures and student support roles. Hamid Khattak and his staff shared their DC Model for engagement and support throughout the student lifecycle with their FIC counterparts. Sharla Reid and her staff presented their student volunteer program model and philosophy, and shared general advice around student-facing programming with their DC colleagues. The group is currently discussing student voice and ways to connect students in the future through Student Committees at each college.

The forum currently meets approximately once a month through Zoom and although more than 13,200 km separate the colleges, staff have lots to talk about and knowledge to share about student cohorts.  It has been a great opportunity to meet new faces within Navitas and forge relationships with colleagues. The colleges encourage others to try out similar forums and connections!

By  FIC Student Success Manager Micaela Roughton

& Deakin College Academic Manager

Rachel Maissan