Issue 8 - Page 10

“But we are one constant in their journey – we are conscious of their issues and we are meeting their education and employability needs at all levels…  supporting them in their wider settlement journey,” Sharon said.

Hamida, 33, was an International Relations and Law lecturer in her home country. The current AMEP student is planning to gain “excellent English language skills” so she can go to university in Australia and become a lecturer here.

“The teachers at Navitas are very supportive with my learning and I have improved my English a lot,” she said. “My classmates are from diverse backgrounds, they are happy and encouraged to share their own opinions, and so I find the learning environment very positive.

“I am planning … to get a teaching job in the university in the future. I also like to find volunteer work in organisations that protect women rights.”

Navitas Skilled Futures General Manager, Jetinder Macfarlane said it was both humbling and rewarding to be part of these students’ settlement journeys and to provide them with the skills, knowledge and support to live their best lives in Australia.

Jetinder said Navitas Skilled Futures had also enrolled a number of students in their South West Sydney colleges, with more to come, and were working to assist many established Afghan migrants and refugees who had also been affected by last year’s traumatic events.

“What some of these people have been through we cannot imagine,” Jetinder said.

“They have shown enormous resilience, positivity and patience in the most difficult of circumstances. It is so fortunate government programs like the AMEP exist to enable these new arrivals to learn… in a safe and supported environment.”

For Karima and her classmates, there is the promise of a brighter day and future ahead.

“I am very grateful for what Australia has given me. What Navitas has given me,” Karima said.

“This community is amazing. I can’t tell you how much support I have received. Here the people are very kind. I only hope that others who are desperate to get out of Afghanistan can have the same opportunities and support in the future.”

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