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Communities urged to discard cultural beliefs that disparage women
FAMMI launches public art project to impart skills in Kampala unprivileged children
Ugandans urged to embrace walking to safeguard against heart disease

Communities urged to discard cultural beliefs that disparage women

Government asked communities to always come up with favourable methodologies to help dismantle the negative cultural beliefs and focus on reshaping structural issues that affect women and enhance women ’ s economic empowerment .
The remarks were made by the minister of state for Gender , Grace Hellen Asamo as Oxfam in Uganda showcased its impacts realized from the integration of the Gender Action Learning System ( GALS ) methodology into development and humanitarian interventions which is one of its projects to end inequality .
GALS methodology is a structured community-led empowerment methodology which aims at creating self-led economic , social and political transformation starting at the community level .
It uses tools that enable individuals and households to plan their lives and identify and negotiate their needs and interests for gender-equitable livelihoods , thus changing the gender and power relations that would otherwise constrain them from achieving their visions .
Asamo said communities should come up with initiatives that can incorporate women and men to develop their visions for change , appreciate their strengths , and achievements and work collectively to address gender inequalities within the family and community .
“ I particularly appreciate that the methodology is community-led , as this fosters ownership and sustainability . I am pleased to know that GALS methodology has since been rolled out across the country and transformed the lives of many communities , the successes shared here are inspiring ,” she said .
She asked communities to refrain from all negative thoughts and practices that can affect the economic growth of women in society .

FAMMI launches public art project to impart skills in Kampala unprivileged children

Feed a Million Mouths International ( FAMMI ), a Ugandan social enterprise has launched the “ Kartwe Street Art Project ” in the Katwe area of Kampala to impart art skills to underprivileged children and youth and transform the community through public art .
The project will see hundreds of children and youth from within Katwe undergo three art workshops every Saturday for the next 10 weeks , at the end of which they will hold an exhibition and take part in a competition in which the five best street art designs will be realized in the community .
“ We believe that the people and especially the children of Katwe need a chance to live with and grow up with hope , dignity and a platform for their creativity and that by introducing art , colour and beauty in the community , we can change the way people think of and relate with their surroundings ,”

Ugandans urged to embrace walking to safeguard against heart disease

The Kampala Capital City Authority ( KCCA ) executive director , Dorothy Kisaka , challenged city dwellers and Ugandans to embrace walking regularly as one way of managing blood pressure .
While speaking during the World Hypertension Day celebrations that were held at City Hall , Kisaka revealed that walking regularly is extremely crucial .
High blood pressure ( hypertension ) is a risk affecting over 200,000 people annually in Kampala and is one of the main risk factors for more serious cardiovascular conditions and events , such as heart disease and stroke , according to health experts .
Research also shows that one way of preventing hypertension is through regular exercise , and physical activity helps safeguard cardiovascular health . said Mark Montgomery , the Director of FAMMI .
Katwe , once a thriving informal settlement for mostly artisans , craftsmen , technicians and entrepreneurs has since become an incubation chamber for crime , disease , and poverty , and is home to a large number of street children .
Public art has been used elsewhere in the world to impact individual lives , transform public spaces and ignite change , for example , “ Boy with Kite ” – a 150 square meter mural in one of Rio de Janeiro ’ s favelas – which was painted alongside local youth who were offered an alternative life away from crime and drug gangs .
Through the Kartwe Street Art Project , FAMMI also aims to inspire the community to maintain cleanliness towards alleviating diseases like tetanus and typhoid .
“ We need to intentionally make adjustments to our lives so that we live health . The way we eat , the way we travel must change to prevent hypertension ,” Kisaka said .
She revealed that they have designed the city roads with walkways for pedestrians not only for sustainability but for healthier lives and more fun in the city .
“ Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health . We put walkways on our roads so that people can walk . Ladies in high heels , carry an extra shoe to the office and walk . Utilize these walkways for good health ,” Kisaka said .
Several other roads in the pipeline will have walkways and cycling lanes .
Apart from walking , the KCCA production unit encourages city dwellers to plant vegetables at home to improve their diet .
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