Issue 719 - Page 32


Sculptures of the Extraordinary

The Centenary Monument and Freedom Sculpture , epitomize technical dexterity and studio prowess

By Dominic Muwanguzi

For one who has been to the Century Park in Kampala , located next to Hotel Africana , they should have caught sight of the strikingly in design artwork in the gardens of the Park . More so , for a discerning observer the same artwork graces the face of the Uganda Shilling 20 , 000 bank note . The sculpture built in concrete is the Centenary Monument by Dr . Sylvia Katende Nabiteko formerly of Makerere School of Industrial and Fine art . It was commissioned by Kampala City Council , later Kampala City Council Authority , to commemorate its centenary anniversary . As such , the monumental sculpture symbolizes the identity of the city governing authority and its achievements in the 100 years since its establishment as an institution that runs the country ’ s capital city and business district . Standing at 6 feet high , the sculpture assumes a convex design and a mechanic gear hangs in its narrow chest to symbolize the concept of economic growth or financial success through investment . At its foot , it sits inside a boxy like shaped flower pot to evoke the theme

Centenary Monument
30 May . 20 -26 2022