Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 80

Grow Your Referral Business
Referral business IS the best business . Referrals cost the least amount of money to generate , are the easiest to handle , and are the easiest to close ! Brandon ’ s company started their own referral program using hand written thank you cards to all their customers . Occasionally , they followed up with a phone call to ask if they knew anyone that may want to sell their home .
His company uses email drip campaigns to stay in touch and hands out handsome referral checks every time someone brings in a referral . They broadcast the experience of the person responsible for the referral receiving the check , which prompts others to refer business !
This method alone has allowed Brandon ’ s company to grow by double­digits with NO INCREASE IN SPENDING .
Leverage Other People ’ s Time and Money
In addition to leveraging other people ’ s money , smart real estate pros and CEOs learn to leverage other people ’ s time , expertise , and exposure .
There are many in your market who have built up their own network and are doing their own marketing . Work with them , instead of competing against them . He specifically points to real estate agents as an example of this . While many real estate investors feel they are at odds with REALTORS ®, you can actually help each other and negotiate win­win deals If you understand their needs .
Article Summary
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We are in an interesting period where the real estate business and country is evolving and changing . Many will fail . For some , this year will set them on a completely new trajectory for success and wealth .
These tips can help you protect and grow your real estate investments , regardless of the mayhem happening out there .
If you are interested in learning more about how you can get added on Brandon ’ s list to receive off market wholesale properties in Middle TN , learn more about how you can receive passive income secured by real estate through Brandon ’ s company , you can contact Brandon at : Brandon @ thehousebuyinguys . com .
For more tips , follow Brandon on his Facebook page at : https :// www . facebook . com / brandon . cobb . 3950
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