Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 78

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Are you looking for more investments and ways to grow your real estate holdings ? What are some of the ways that you can maintain and scale , despite the 2020 mayhem ?

Brandon Cobb ’ s company The House Buyin ' Guys has been able to successfully sustain and even grow his real estate business by double­digits through the pandemic and chaos of 2020 .
How has he done it ?
The House Buyin ' Guys
Brandon Cobb and his co­founder , Vagif Seidov , have been wholesaling houses to other investors , rehabbing properties , and creating win win solutions for his investors in the Middle Tennessee real estate market for years .
Prior to getting into real estate Brandon sold medical devices . After losing his job in medical device sales , he transitioned over to real estate . Brandon found his unique sales skills sharpened by the world of sales gave him a unique edge in the real estate industry . He built his company based around that sales approach , something the
real­estate industry lagged .
Since then , he and his business partner have done over 100 deals in this space . During our exclusive interview , Brandon shared how business has been picking up through the pandemic .
He says that the local Nashville market has kept blowing up , with growing demand despite the pandemic . As of October 2020 , they were still seeing new deals going under contract in one week , if not within one day .
Brandon and his team challenged themselves to complete a $ 51,000 renovation in just 10 days while filming every day and posting the daily walkthroughs for all to see on his Facebook . After having huge success with that renovation , they challenged themselves to do two seven­day flips simultaneously .
The two seven­day $ 32,000 flips were a failure because they took nine days to actually complete , but to Brandon and his team they were a huge success because they learned a lot about how to better systemize their rehab processes and become more efficient . He and his team are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the real estate space .
So how can you compete and win deals in this highlycompetitive market ?