Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 43

Photo by Lukas Rodriguez from Pexels
Some of the decisions to travel may be due to the " Instagram lifestyle ." Everywhere you turn there is a post showing somebody living their best life on a beach somewhere . Or videos panning far and away places in New Zealand or the south of France . This would inspire anyone to want to vacation or work abroad . In addition , these travelers often partner with friends . Which makes staying in a short­term rental a wiser , financial decision .
Many companies are now offering their employees short­term rentals as housing . There are sites that provide a platform for traveling nurses , medical and business professionals . This tends to be a more cost­efficient way for companies to provide housing in lieu of hotels .
There are some millennials who choose to purchase homes just for short­term renting . The idea of roommates it ' s still a viable option . Many people take on roommates to offset mortgage payments . Now they have the option to rent their spare rooms to travelers instead of permanent renters . This is a great way to make more money by charging by the night , rather than by the month .
The very idea of Airbnb was founded by young men trying to make an extra buck by renting out an air mattress in the living room . These entrepreneurs are in fact Generation Y . So the fact that the leading platform for short­term rentals was founded by millennials is a good indication that the market is here to stay .
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