Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 26

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Evaluating Turnkey Rentals
A major trend in real estate has developed where investors around the nation seek distressed properties in key markets regardless of distance . They purchase dilapidated assets to rehab , add value , and build wealth . Experienced investors tend to discover the hard way that it ' s one thing to rehab locally , yet an entirely different experience to do so long distance . For those who cannot afford to purchase nearby , the risks in rehabbing in a new area with few contacts or little direction increase tremendously .
Norada Real Estate Investments
The other approach an investor can take is to select a high­quality turnkey provider and invest with their help . Norada Real Estate Investments is one of the longestrunning nationwide providers with a great industry reputation .
Meet Marco Santarelli
Marco made his first real estate investment at age 18 , and he founded Norada Real Estate Investments in 2003 . This means that he progressed through the Great Recession of 2008 , unlike many turnkey property providers . He has become a nationwide provider of turnkey cash flow investment properties . He says his mission “ is to help one million people create wealth and passive income and put them on the path to financial freedom with real estate .”