Issue #55 - Brandon Cobb, The House Buyin Guys | Page 104

So , what do you do when the market is flooded with so much competition ? How do you really get wealthy in real estate ? Are you getting fed up of your market ? Then , invest in paradise .

I hope you enjoyed the last article : Part 1 of " What to do NOW in Real Estate ?” As we ended last time , we started to mention VRBO ’ s vs . Standard Rentals . We also talked about Hot Markets and that the Dallas / Fort Worth ( DFW Area ) is one of the Hottest in the country . Since the last article , we have dealt with the COVID­19 virus , which at this time has literally shut our economy down .
The timing , however , is really interesting since we are now about to go into a market that is only three hours away from the DFW market and growing at the same pace . Now , last time I talked a lot about the Granbury market , which was only 30 minutes south of Fort Worth , where we are building brand-new construction , all-brick rentals .
But let ' s now switch the mindset to VRBOs , where we can double and triple our cash flow . You heard me right ! So now we move north of DFW to Broken Bow Oklahoma . And to help me out , I want to introduce you to a friend , former student , and a Rock Star on VRBOs in Broken Bow , Ms . Kelli Haus . I asked Kelli to help contribute to part two of this piece , since she has literally taken the VRBO in Broken Bow to a new level . So , first keep in mind , we are looking at cabins now verses a standard house .
We are looking at a Monthly Rent versus Monthly Rent . And this is where you will see how an investor can nearly triple their Monthly Cash Flow with a VRBO in Broken Bow .
Now I met Kelli a few years ago when she signed up for our Platinum Program in the DFW area . She soon informed me she was wanting to move into Vacation Rentals , I told her it was not my specialty at all . A few years later , Kelli has become a Rockstar of VRBOs !
So here is a little about Kelli , and some info on Broken Bow , OK .
Kelli has six years experience in the real estate field , she is known as the Beavers Bend REATOR ®. However , Kelli does more than just help her clients buy and sell cabins , her secret sauce is her step­by­step plan for her clients , so they can not only enjoy a vacation at their cabin , but also turn it
into a big money maker .
Kelli uses this same plan on her own Beavers Bend investment properties , so she practices what she preaches , and she can not only show you how the plan has worked for her , but for so many of her clients . Her ideal client is someone who is looking to make memories and extra money . She can explain it ...
Hello , I ’ m Kelli Haus , and I am a cabin investor in Broken Bow , OK and a full-time agent in the Broken Bow area , specializing in helping families and
Kelli Haus investors purchase an income / second home / vacation luxury cabin -- one that pays for itself .
Did you know that according to a recent VRBO report , 71 % of millennial travelers say they consider staying at a non­traditional vacation rental ? VRBO rentals are up 30 % from last year !
Broken Bow , Oklahoma ... I am going to assume you ’ ve never heard of it . It is an outdoorsman ’ s paradise ! It is only three hours away from the DFW metroplex . A perfect family getaway that makes most feel like they ' ve arrived in Colorado .
The area is also known as Hochatown , Oklahoma , which is a few miles north of Broken Bow . Through good economies and bad economies , this place is always a hot market with vacationers packing the area every chance they can . As long people in the DFW want a quick getaway from the metroplex , this market is going to continue to be on the rise until there are enough cabins to accommodate the mass influx of vacationers .
Image by aspergerl from Pixabay