Israa & Melissa - Page 16

'' I love photos like these. I love how it shows us how bodies can be so different, and this is just two of many photos! Two pictures, seems like a completely different body type, but both very much my body. But whatever I’m doing, I love my rolls. They’ve become a part of me and I’m not afraid to show them anymore. I feel like seeing your insecurities as a part of you, will make you embrace them instead of hate them. It’s a journey, I know. Used to hide my rolls beneath my clothes. Used to think “fat” was the worst thing to be called by someone. Some would say I’m disgusting in the second picture and I look good in the first. But why compare? Sometimes I feel like showing my hourglass shape and other times I feel like showing my rolls. We’ve been culturally conditioned to believe that nice bodies only look one way. But they don’t. They can look like the first picture, the second picture, or not like that at all!!! Your body was never the problem, how we’ve been taught to see it is! ''