Israa & Melissa - Page 15

''all bodies deserve the same respect''

I always used to save pictures of girls I wanted to look like, flawless skin, perfect big volume hair, great style and most of all: thin. Everything I wasn’t in my eyes. With these pictures in mind, I tried to lose weight over and over again. With these pictures in mind, I looked in the mirror. But because of those images, you don’t see yourself clearly. You look through a lense of all the perfect bodies you’ve ever seen. And if you compare yourself to those images, you will always be too fat, too flawed, too imperfect. So I’m showing you all: me. With all the things that the media/beauty industry tells you, you need to change. Pimples, cellulite, stretchmarks, fat. Telling you that your weight does not define you.❌ Telling you that happiness is NOT a size.‼️ This is something I, and so many other people, still deal with every day, because we’ve been told our whole lives that you can be happy- if you’re thin. But keep reminding yourself that you deserve better than this. Be kind to yourself. Everything is so beautiful when we stop looking for the negative things. If I can do it, you can. We will stand together .

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