Israa & Melissa - Page 14

''' you all know that I’m a body positivity advocate and that I love to spread the message that all bodies are beautiful, even if those bodies are not portrayed by the media. By doing this, I often get told “Your body is so much prettier than those anorexic models” “Curves are so much better than being flat”. And I just want to make something clear: that’s NOT a compliment. Lifting my body type up, by putting someone else’s down, is just wrong. Some people may not understand it, but body positivity is for all body types. Not only for fat people or people with curves. My messages, my love, is meant for all people, every age, all genders, all bodies, all shapes, all skincolors. Trying to put other people down to compliment me is something that hurts my feelings and will never ever be something I will thank you for. Yes, fat people aren’t portrayed in the media as much. Yes, fat people get shamed a lot. Yes, fatshaming is a bigger problem. But to fight that, you shouldn’t hurt people and spread negativity. You should support each other and spread positive vibes. Positive is the way to go!

I know skinny people who are told every day that they “should just gain weight”, “just go to the mcdonalds and eat a hamburger”,,“look anorexic”. This is NOT okay. 😔 Same with people that are really FAT, and not just the “acceptable fat”. They are told every day to just “lose weight”, “go to the gym”, “get off their lazy ass”. LET PEOPLE LIVE. Every body deserves the same respect. Not only the ones you like. If you hear comments like this, I hope you know that you are beautiful, loved, and deserve respect. And that you can stand up for yourself, because comments like these aren’t acceptable and we shouldn’t make other people feel bad about their bodies.. I always say: Treat people like you want to be treated''