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Eagle Lasers


Eagle Lasers outlines the five main aspects to consider when evaluating fibre laser technology in 2023 .

The eVa cutting head .
“ The integration of power with dynamics , precision and automation is the key to unlocking the full potential of laser technology .”
Camillo Brena , Marketing Director , Eagle .

In today ’ s industrial landscape , where efficiency and productivity are paramount , fibre laser technology has emerged as a game-changer . Its widespread adoption is fuelled by technological advances ; enhanced reliability ; reduced space requirements ; simplified operation and lower energy consumption compared to its predecessors . Undoubtedly , companies that embrace fibre laser technology stand to gain significant advantages . However , making an informed decision about adopting a fibre laser cutting system in 2023 requires the careful consideration of several key aspects . These considerations are not limited to specific industries and can be applied broadly to all metal cutting companies .

In this article , Eagle Lasers explores the five main aspects to consider when evaluating fibre laser systems before making a purchase .
High performance
“ The first aspect to consider is high performance ,” said Camillo Brena , Marketing Director , Eagle Lasers . “ The interplay between laser power , motion dynamics and automation is pivotal for achieving the best productivity and efficiency in laser-based applications . It is only through their collaborative action that we will achieve highly sought-after peak performance .”
The laser industry is currently experiencing a remarkable surge in power levels , with machines now capable of outputting up to 40 kilowatts ( kW ) of laser power . This exponential increase is expected to continue escalating in the foreseeable future . Traditionally , material thickness has served as a reliable indicator of the required laser power ; the thicker the material , the more power needed to cut through it effectively . However , the landscape has evolved beyond this simplistic metric .
“ While the allure of these impressive power figures remains undeniable , it is essential to recognize that ‘ brute force ’ alone is not enough . Without precise control and proper application , it could yield counter-productive results ,” continued Brena .
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