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LVD Group in April 2022 . This has now become our new robotics business . We expanded our automation portfolio to include tower and warehouse systems through the acquisition of the automation company , COMPAC , a few years ago . This meant that we were able to introduce more automated solutions for laser cutting and punching .
We have also been delighted with the success of our webinars and the LVD Innovation Tour . During the pandemic , we ran around 130 webinars and picked up over 5000 registrations with around 2700 attendees . Thirteen separate topics were covered in four different languages . Despite restrictions around COVID-19 , people still wanted to know about technology and the manufacturing community was still very active .
ISMR : What is your overall strategy and long-term focus ?

Laser cutting in focus

The high-power 20kW Phoenix FL-3015 fibre laser cutter processes a range of materials in thicknesses of up to 40mm .
“ It cuts up to 2.5 times faster than a 10kW fibre laser . It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems ,” explained LVD .
Phoenix FL offers a number of options to advance performance , including a 17-station automatic nozzle changer ; CADMAN-L programming software and MOVit modular automation from the Compact Tower to full tower and warehouse systems ( TAS and WAS ).
LVD also introduced Puma , a new fibre laser-cutting machine designed to provide high-technology features and performance at a lower total cost of ownership . Offered with 3- , 6- or 12kW laser in 3050 x 1525mm , 4065 x 2035mm and 6160 x 2035mm formats and automation-ready , it can handle various cutting applications . It can also be equipped with a choice of automation options .
Fibre laser cutting with the Phoenix .
ISMR : Which particular successes and achievements would you highlight this year ?
MF : We are very proud to have earned the Gold label again as one of Belgium ’ s Best Managed Companies , retaining this recognition for the fifth consecutive year . The award recognizes outstanding , privately-owned Belgian companies and the achievements and leadership of their management teams . Applicants are evaluated and selected by a panel of independent judges focused on assessing hallmarks of excellence in four key areas : long-term strategy , ability to execute , corporate culture and governance / financial performance .
We have also made some key strategic acquisitions over the last few years . LVD Robotic Solutions ( LRS ), previously known as KUKA Robotic Solutions , became part of the
MF : Our strategy is based around standardisation and rapid programming , as well as automation solutions that offer a price-performance balance . Automation is important because people are trying to accelerate the order-to-cash process . This is even more prevalent now ; manufacturers want to complete work in progress over shorter periods of time . Automation fulfils this need and a lot of hurdles have now been removed from people ’ s engagement in automation . We intend to launch more automation and robotic solutions next year , following a similar strategy .
During the pandemic , automation had a very important part to play in accelerating the orderto-cash process / cycle ( the art-to-part process ) but it also meant that people took fewer risks ( e . g . in tying up working capital ). It ’ s about providing the software , machinery and tools to be able to process sheet metalworking in the most efficient way . These long-term strategies have really come into play now , particularly in view of what has happened in the manufacturing environment .
Above : LVD ’ s new Puma fibre laser cutter .
LVD ’ s CADMAN-SIM software .
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