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Bending on the Salvagnini B3 press brake .
The STREAMBEND software .

Press brake productivity

ATA is a proprietary Salvagnini solution which makes it possible to automatically adjust the length of the bending tools of the Salvagnini B3 press brake to the part being processed .
“ This automatic tool adjuster enables users to make full use of the press brake to produce batch-one or kits without compromising on productivity ,” commented the Italian sheet metal specialist .
To improve the OEE efficiency of its B3 press brakes , Salvagnini has introduced a modular and scalable concept of automation that can increase their flexibility and independence , allowing them to adapt when re-tooling and managing the tools according to production requirements . The aim is to reduce the impact of process variables on bending and to provide greater certainty in terms of machining times , costs and budgets .
“ The ATA device makes it possible to automatically change and adjust the length of the bending tools ,” explained Nicola Artuso ,
Salvagnini product manager for bending technologies . “ It is available on many of the models in our range of press brakes and can be configured according to the customer ’ s specific production needs . It can be used only for the upper tools , integrated with the MVM ( the variable opening die of up to 51mm which automatically adapts the V opening ), or used on the upper and lower tools . It can also interact with the automatic AU-TO tool changer .
“ Re-tooling is rapid , takes place in a few seconds and makes it possible to save time and regain production efficiency . ATA is a relatively recent device , introduced in 2016 , and which today is a component of 25 % of the B3s installed ,” added Artuso .
“ Our B3 press brake , with maximum ram descent speed of 250mm / s , is one of the fastest solutions on the market . The handling time depends on the experience and skills of the operator . However , there are two activities whose impact we can reduce : re-tooling and
programming . That is why ATA devices can be truly crucial : they reduce the downtimes of the press brake , increasing its availability for production ,” added the sheet metal systems manufacturer .
To combat the global shortage of expert press brake operators , Salvagnini offers its STREAMFORMER CAM software . Around 65 % of its B3 press brakes and practically 100 % of the press brakes with ATA automation are supplied with this software . STREAMFORMER integrates the press brake in a complete process because it is part of STREAM , the integrated programming suite for Salvagnini systems .
“ When STREAMFORMER is installed in the office , activities can be done in parallel because while one technician is working on the programs , the operator can continue to bend - which also reduces to zero the impact of the programming time on the production efficiency of the press brake . Our main objective , and I think this is also our customers ’ objective , is to make the press brake produce as much as possible , and not see it waiting to be programmed ,” explained Salvagnini .
In addition to automatically creating a bending sequence , STREAMFORMER automatically defines the bending stations and tool set-ups ; in other words , it integrates with the ATA devices and enhances their performance . When the software is not available , programming can be carried out directly on the machine using the FACE manmachine interface , which enables numerical and graphical programming with PRESSTUDIO . n
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Sheet metal AGV

For the first time ever , Remmert presented a newly developed automated guided vehicle ( AGV ) for sheet metal and long goods at Blechexpo 2021 in Stuttgart . It has been specially designed for the needs of the metalworking industry .
“ The AGV facilitates automated , troublefree transport of heavy and bulky goods in production and warehouse environments . The automated guided vehicle ( AGV ) navigates safely and autonomously , even along confined travel paths , and requires no space-consuming curve radii thanks to its omnidirectional travel mode . Highly flexible , automated transport makes it possible to organise storage locations and processing stations in a spatially segregated and flexible manner , making best possible use of available space ,“ explained Remmert .
“ The system can be adapted to new production conditions at any time and without investing in travel paths and infrastructure . Entirely new levels of freedom are opened up for the organisation of the production process ,“ it added .
With a payload of 3½ tons and external dimensions of 3000 x 1500mm , the AGV offers one of the largest work platforms available for automated guided vehicles . This makes it suitable for transporting sheet metal and other flat goods , long goods and bulky semi-finished products . Various optional attachments ( roller conveyor , traction technology , scissor lift table etc .) enable automated load transfer . n
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