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Smart servo technology

The integration of precision-controlled servo drives almost 20 years ago is now seen as a milestone in the design and implementation of optimised stamping processes . The use of smart servo technology enables seamless interaction between sensors , actuators , signal processing and control technology with high levels of precision . Swiss stamping specialist BRUDERER , providing stamping presses with press forces from 180 to 2500kN , has launched its new BSA servo axis technology .
“ As of now , we are enabling seamless integration of several servo axes into the stamping process for a wide variety of our stamping presses . The technology is available with and without gears and in various sizes of servo motor , according to how it is implemented . As well as the number and different variations of servo axes , the combination of servo feed and servo axes is also new to the market and will offer manufacturers in the stamping industry a complete solution featuring feed , machine and servo axis all in one ( for the first time ever ). The overall system is operated centrally via a single user interface ,” it told ISMR .
“ This new servo axis technology opens up a new range of possibilities for toolmakers . In addition to our patented variable torque adjuster , the removal of the need for mechanical drives means that tools can be manufactured using much less space and in far greater complexity . This space-saving technology is a response to the trend towards increasing bed lengths . More flexible stamping processes , more work steps in one stamping action and a greater degree of freedom in how the overall process runs means that tools can be constructed to higher levels of performance with a wider scope in terms of the manufacturing ,” it continued .
BRUDERER BSTA 510-150 B2 stamping press with BSV 75D servo feed .
BRUDERER BSA servo axis features a servo drive motor , gearing and servo inverter .
“ The replacement of mechanical axle drives by our BSA servo axis generates increased process efficiency , greater performance and an improvement in process reliability . This particularly comes to the fore in series production with thinner strips and ever longer tools . Running costs for tooling and production are also significantly reduced ,” the Swiss manufacturer concluded .
The flexible implementation of a host of processing , positioning and synchronisation modules or of various combination modules ( including special high-torque applications ) makes these solutions very flexible . The servo axis technology can also be retrofitted to BRUDERER stamping presses .
At Blechexpo in Stuttgart recently , BRUDERER ran a complete stamping line for the automotive industry , firing out 500 round socket contacts per minute . The core element was a BSTA 510-150 stamping press ( 510kN ) with adjustable stroke and patented ram adjustment . Using LEICHT Stanzautomation ’ s double decoiler with loop control , two
different strips were fed into the press in parallel using a BRUDERER double servo feed . At the heart of the machinery is a precision KRAMSKI tool fitted with a laser application and three integrated AUXXOS lenses .
The two-part contacts were stamped and linked together simultaneously as part of the same process using laser welding , at a rate of up to 500 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 44mm . The laser process adds a ring welding with eight welding spots and two 5mm-long weld beads synchronously with every stroke . n
www . bruderer . com

TIG welding power

The new QINEO QuesT welding power source from CARL CLOOS Schweisstechnik GmbH has been designed for high-end TIG applications . At the Schweisstec exhibition in Stuttgart , trade visitors could experience the new TIG welding power source and the wide range of QINEO welding power sources live .
“ The stable arc , which is easy to control over the entire power range , guarantees excellent welding results . With TIG pulsing , users benefit from fast transitions even with large capacity differences for perfect welds . The Deep Pulse function stabilises and focuses the arc so that the arc pressure is increased . This can result in both deep penetration for thick sheet and high speeds for thin sheet . Numerous components and functions make the QINEO QuesT an individual power source - exactly as users need it for their welding tasks ,” commented CLOOS .
“ The welding source offers excellent ignition properties from three amps upwards , a comfortable operating concept for easy , quick and intuitive handling and digital networking with all common industrial interfaces ,” added CLOOS .
From welding technology , robot mechanics and controller to positioners , software and sensors , CLOOS supplies everything from a single source . n
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