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WILA Tool Advisor .
As part of the WILA Academy , WILA offers intensive training programmes tailored to customer needs . Training courses are now available online and partners have access to bending and product knowledge via the WILA Mathematics Portal .
The route to Industry 4.0
As a result of WILA ’ s decision to offer customers more digital solutions for Industry- 4.0 , it launched the Smart Tooling Concept . Using this concept , press brake users can manage tool data . WILA ’ s clamping systems can be equipped with the Smart Tool Locator , part of the Smart Tooling Concept , which uses LED indicators to reduce errors during bending operations .
The Smart Tooling Concept features New Standard Premium tools with a scannable ID ; the WILA Smart Tooling app ( where tool specifications and bending advice can be directly accessed ) and wireless tool data synchronisation ( a WILA tool holder equipped with Bluetooth synchronises tool data with the press brake control ).
“ The WILA Smart Tooling app can synchronise the tool data in real-time to the press brake control when linked to the clamping system , saving valuable production time . Users can scan all tools at once using the DM code on the packaging box , scan each tool separately or look up the DM code online . By scanning the DM code , the tool specifications and correct tool data files for the press brake control are available immediately . These tool data can be shared directly in the cloud and the tool files can be added to the press brake control ,” explained WILA .
“ Our tool holders with a Tooling Identification and Positioning System ( TIPS ) are equipped with Bluetooth . The TIPS system was initially developed for use in automated bending cells because a robot needs all this information to work . The information provided by TIPS enables it to pick up the right tool and position it in the right place . But TIPS is also useful for manual and semi-automatic bending because the detailed information
it provides prevents errors and speeds up tool handling . This prevents test bending and increases productivity , especially for small batches with lots of variations ,” it added .
TIPS can also be used in combination with the STL ( Smart Tool Locator ) for improvements in speed , accuracy and convenience . The STL is a smart ruler with built-in LED lighting that allows users to see where the tool should be placed in clamp .
“ It indicates the next bend , making it easy for the operator to efficiently perform various bends . If used in combination with TIPS , fine adjustments can be made quickly . Because TIPS takes continuous measurements , it ’ s seen as another control method making it possible to place the right tool in the right place for the right product . It also detects the movement of tools . The Smart Tooling Concept allows our customers to experience the advantages of digitalisation and data connectivity : access to tool data at any time / anywhere ; major time savings ; easy and rapid data entry and simplified inventory management ,” WILA added .
Smart Factory-ready
WILA strives for active and smart traceability of products and processes during manufacturing but also during the lifetime of its products . This means a focus on quality and flexibility . It is currently simulating the
WILA TIPS system .
Smart Tool Locator . milling process in great detail to create ‘ first time right ’ for new products as well as continuously optimising its simulation models .
“ Externally , the TIPS system allows customers to trace every single piece of tooling in almost real-time . Issues can therefore be addressed sooner , insights are provided into optimum usage of tooling across a factory and predictive maintenance becomes part of the equation ,” explained
WILA . It will continue to focus on intelligent tool growth and solutions for automatic tool change . Intelligent tool holders and intelligent tools will remain its main focus in the coming years and this concept will be further expanded .
“ The connectivity and functionality between our various platforms and the web shop can be better integrated so that it becomes a synchronised and integrated process . We will continue to focus on these areas and keep investing in intelligent solutions in the future ,” it told ISMR .
This includes further developing its Smart Tooling Concept and expanding it with additional functions . The electronics built into the clamping system and tools will serve as a platform for data communication . This platform could be the basis for new applications that require a data infrastructure from the tool and clamping system to the press brake .
“ In the future , comprehensive data analysis will help to further optimise the entire bending process and enable users to increase their productivity ,” concluded WILA . n
WILA Smart Tooling .
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