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Smart tooling concepts

Dutch tooling specialist WILA focuses on the development of products and solutions to optimise press brake productivity . It has been producing clamping and crowning systems as well as tools and accessories to improve setup times and increase the precision of press brakes for decades .
“ Products made on a press brake are facing increasingly stringent requirements . To meet these standards , a good press brake is a prerequisite . At least as important is the clamping system which clamps the press brake tool . A good clamping system not only saves time , but also prevents problems with dimensions or damage to the end-product . Clamping systems for press brake tools come in two types : manual and automatic clamping systems . There are different versions of both types on the market . We specialise in mechanical , hydraulic and pneumatic clamping systems ,” WILA told ISMR .
Press brake tools
Electric press brakes are becoming increasingly popular . Machines without hydraulics are easier to maintain , cleaner and more durable because they are only active during operation . The WILA AirPower Series of tool holders are suitable for electric press brakes . WILA expanded its range of pneumatic clamping systems at the beginning of the year . For some time now , users have been able to purchase pneumatic clamping systems from WILA in the Premium version . With the newly introduced Pro variant , the range has now been expanded .
Bending sheet metal with WILA press brake tooling .
“ The AirPower Series consists of a full range of top and bottom tool holders in various designs . Our patented Self-Locking ® mechanism ensures complete and powerful all-round clamping performance ,” said WILA .
“ Tools can be clamped and unclamped even faster with air pressure than with oil pressure . Our pneumatic system uses air pressure only to activate and deactivate the clamping function ; the clamping itself is kept intact by the Self-Locking ® system . With this form-locked clamping , tools can be clamped very stably .”
Since this Self-Locking ® method of clamping uses standard compressed air ( 6-8 bar ), no expensive pressure booster is needed and every standard tool from the WILA catalogue can be clamped and aligned .
“ Tools are clamped using a pneumaticallycontrolled pair of self-adjusting wedges .
AirPower Series of tool holders .
When the wedges are engaged ( clamped ), they become an integral part of the tool . This means that tools always remain clamped , even if there is a loss of air pressure . This is a great advantage compared to other pneumatic clamping systems , where tools may fall out of the clamping system when air pressure is lost ,” explained the manufacturer .
Digital processes
Digital networking has never been more important . In manufacturing , automation and data exchange are of great importance . The industry is working on “ intelligent factories ” in which production units can communicate and cooperate with each other . This development in the industry has accelerated since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic .
WILA has been working for years to develop and expand digital opportunities for customers and partners . With the WILA Webshop and the Tool Advisor , it offers solutions that can provide added value in digital networking .
The WILA Webshop is suitable for standard tools , while the Tool Advisor offers users an online engineering tool for configuring customer-specific solutions . Special tools can be designed according to the required dimensions , or the desired bending project can be drawn to receive a tool recommendation . The configured tools can then be quoted or ordered online . Once a particular tool has been designed in the Tool Advisor , WILA engineers can be contacted at any time for advice . The Tool Advisor enables WILA ’ s Authorised Service Partners the opportunity to offer users more targeted solutions and advice .
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