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LVD showcased the benefits of process efficiency at Blechexpo , demonstrating its Phoenix FL-3015 fibre laser cutting machine with new 20kW power source , the new Ulti-Form robotic bending cell and updated CADMAN ® v8.7 , a software suite designed to empower the smart factory .
“ The powerful 20kW Phoenix FL-3015 processes a wide range of ferrous and nonferrous materials and material thicknesses of up to 40mm . The machine cuts up to 2.5 times faster than a 10kW fiber laser . It pierces and cuts thick materials at rates faster than most plasma cutting systems with straighter kerfs and the ability to cut holes of half the thickness of the sheet , all with the processing efficiency and accuracy of fibre laser cutting ,“ LVD told ISMR .
Acceleration and accuracy are further supported by the machine ’ s rigid welded steel frame construction . An integrated control and drive system ensure high reproduction of programmed contours at rapid processing speeds .
“ The 19 ” Touch-L control is user-friendly : operators of all skill levels can interact easily with the Phoenix . It also offers a number of options to advance performance including a 10-station automatic nozzle changer , CADMAN-L programming software and MOVit modular automation from the Compact Tower to full tower and warehouse systems ( TAS and WAS ). The 20kW fiber laser source is available on Phoenix FL-3015 , 4020 and 6020 models ,” it added .
LVD ’ s new Ulti-Form robotic bending cell handles short and long production runs efficiently . The innovation was nominated for the Blechexpo Award 2021 .
“ Ulti-Form offers a fast ‘ art to part ’ process with our powerful programming . CADMAN-B automatically calculates the optimal bend program and imports all bending data into the robot software CADMAN-SIM , with no robot teaching required . SIM automatically calculates gripper positions , generating the fastest collision-free path for the robot and then feeds the information back to B , enabling the operator to work with just one program . Our auto-adapting gripper accommodates a number of part geometries , automatically adjusting to the workpiece size . Its smart design saves investment in different grippers and gripper changeover time ,“ explained LVD .
Ulti-Form features a 135-ton automated tool-changing press brake with built-in tooling warehouse integrated with an industrial robot . The cell handles parts from 50 x 100mm up to 1200 x 80mm weighing up to 25kg . Equipped with LVD ’ s Easy- Form ® Laser adaptive bending system , it is desgned to ensure consistently accurate bending results .
Newly released CADMAN ® software v8.7 introduces several key features , as well as updates for CADMAN-JOB ( Manufacturing Execution System ), CADMAN- SDI ( Smart Drawing Importer ), CADMAN-P ( punching ) and CADMAN-L ( laser cutting ).
The 20kW Phoenix FL-3015 fibre laser cutting system .

New innovations from LVD

CADMAN v8.7 is able to integrate operations such as tapping , deburring and grinding , allowing machines to control , monitor and log an order from raw material to finished part . These operations are now visible in the CADMAN-JOB overview screen , and can be tracked and traced in the production process for real-time transparency .
“ The latest CADMAN software can also manage the complete sheet metal production process without the need for an ERP system . Work orders can be created within CADMAN-SDI for transfer to CADMAN-JOB . This functionality makes CADMAN a practical solution for sheet metalworking businesses of all sizes , including companies who don ’ t have an ERP system ,“ said LVD .
Enhancements also include the ability to create an execution plan and add unplanned operations during production using CADMAN-JOB ; ‘ drag and drop ‘ importation of files and the ability to ‘ expand parts ‘ in CADMAN-P and CADMAN-L , among other new updates . n
Left : The new Ulti-Form robotic bending cell .
www . lvdgroup . com The newly released CADMAN ® software version 8.7 .
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