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“ Thanks to its high productivity , broad range of applications and ease of operation , the new generation of the TruLaser 1000 is ideal for companies that want to get into 2D laser cutting . It also ideally complements the machine fleets of companies that already use 2D laser cutting and want to increase their capacity ,” explained TRUMPF product manager , Jean-Baptiste Karam . “ The new machine is about 10 per cent cheaper than its predecessor and the design has deliberately been kept simple to meet the requirements of beginners or companies that already work in one to two-shift operations .“
The TruLaser Series 1000 can be used for a wide variety of materials – it cuts mild steel , stainless steel , aluminum and copper . An automatic nozzle changer also contributes to ease of use . The new TruLaser Series 1000 automatically replaces the cutting nozzle as soon as the material changes . This eliminates manual intervention by personnel and reduces set-up time .
The new generation of machines will be available from Blechexpo 2021 in three external dimensions : 3 x 1.5m , 4 x 2m and 6 x 2.5m . Users can choose different laser powers of between three and six kilowatts for their machine . The machine can also be expanded to include various automation functions for loading and unloading .
Edgeline Bevel solution
TRUMPF also unveiled its “ EdgeLine Bevel ” solution , which automatically prepares parts for welding during the cutting process . Compatible with standard TRUMPF lasercutting machines , this technology allows users to create bevelled edges while cutting out the contours of each part . Liquid metal flows into these bevels during welding to ensure a high-quality weld seam . On today ’ s shop floors , fabricators typically perform bevelling prior to welding using a milling machine , grinding machine or angle grinder – an additional step that is time-consuming .
“ EdgeLine Bevel is the first solution that allows users to bevel part edges automatically on much simpler , standard types of laser-cutting machines . The technology can also be used to create bevels on a part ’ s inner contours , which are impossible for manual angle grinders to access ,“ explained TRUMPF .
EdgeLine Bevel can also automatically make the countersinks required to screw parts together , eliminating another downstream process . The technology is suitable for all companies in the sheet metal fabrication sector that use joining processes on the shop floor or require countersinks for screw connections .
TRUMPF launched the new technology at Blechexpo for the standard versions of its TruLaser Series 3000 fiber and TruLaser Series 5000 fiber machines . From spring 2022 , existing owners of new-generation TRUMPF laser cutting machines will also be able to retrofit EdgeLine Bevel technology .
E-mobility and 3D printing
At this November ‘ s Advanced Engineering Show , TRUMPF focused on e-mobility and 3D printing . The increasing trend towards electric vehicles represents a key field with many new applications . TRUMPF acts as a partner to its
TRUMPF technology at Advanced Engineering in the UK .
automotive customers , from the initial idea in advance development to process-compliant component design , process development and the set-up of the production system . Its power tools play a key role in repair , tuning and customising work .
3D printing continues to shape the future of industrial production . For additive manufacturing , TRUMPF provides solutions in both relevant laser technologies : laser metal fusion ( LMF ) and laser metal deposition ( LMD ). Depending on the application , it offers 3D printer or laser processing machine for specific industrial manufacturing processes . For the industrialisation of 3D metal printing , TRUMPF also offers a complete solution comprising digitalisation , services and additive production systems . n
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