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New sheet metal solutions

At Blechexpo in Stuttgart recently , TRUMPF showcased new solutions for sheet metal production . These included automation and digitalisation technologies , which allow processes to be organized much more efficiently before and after machining .
It also showcased digital assistants that use artificial intelligence to provide employees with better support , such as when sorting sheet metal parts . Existing machinery can be made fit for the future by retrofitting . The company also displayed a “ service app ” that helps employees in service cases , for example , with automatic spare parts recognition , digital instructions or live support with video function from TRUMPF customer service on-site .
The new TruBend Center 7020 automatic panel bender .
New panel bender
TRUMPF unveiled a new fully automatic panel bending machine at the Blechexpo international trade fair for sheet metal working , particularly suitable for bending tall and thick parts . Designed to process complex parts quickly and efficiently , the new TruBend Center 7020 can bend parts with side lengths of up to 350mm . The machine can also handle material thicknesses of up to 4mm , extending over the entire bending length , and parts of up to two metres long .
Panel bending technology is particularly suitable for fabricating complex parts with radius bends , short side lengths and narrow profiles . The TruBend Center 7020 owes its short cycle time to a new rotary part manipulator , which can move the part even closer to the bending line . In many cases , this reduces the cycle time by eliminating the need to reposition the grippers during processing . Workers can load and unload the machine from the side without having to lean into the interior . This saves time and is more ergonomic .
The TruBend Center 7020 uses the ToolMaster system to ensure that the blank holder tools , which hold the part in place during the bending process , are correctly matched to each workpiece , thereby reducing set-up time . With TecZone Fold software , users can create the bending program on the computer with a few clicks .
2D laser cutting
At Blechexpo , TRUMPF also presented the new generation of the TruLaser Series 1000
‘ with higher productivity , process stability and cost-effectiveness ‘.
“ For the first time , the Highspeed Eco function has been used on this machine type . A nozzle directs the cutting gas specifically to the sheet metal , increasing the machine ’ s feed rate by up to 70 per cent while reducing gas consumption by around 60 per cent . The machine cuts sheet metal significantly faster than conventional 2D laser machines . The new series also features CoolLine technology for the first time , which automatically sprays water mist onto the sheet to ensure optimum cooling during the cutting process . In this way , even sheets of up to 25mm thick can be cut with precision ,“ TRUMPF told ISMR .
Another new feature is the intelligent Smart Collision Prevention function which calculates , for example , the sequence in which parts must be cut to avoid collisions between tilting parts and the cutting head . This reduces downtime and improves production efficiency . Hundreds of cutting data for different materials and sheet thicknesses are already stored in the
The new TruLaser Series 1000 . operating software .
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