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-saving design with an overall height of 2.1 metres enables operation in confined spaces .
The newly developed control panel , with compact and ergonomic design , uses STM SmartCut software . For this entry-level model , STM offers STM-Care packages with customised content and a warranty period of up to eight years .
New features of the STM MasterCut include a rugged , premium rack and pinion drive for XY repetition accuracy of ± 0.03mm . – For the first time , the automatic STM TAC12 angular error compensation head is available in the mid-price segment . In combination with standard heavyduty supports , this makes MasterCut suitable for one- to two-shift operation , even for difficult cutting tasks .
StM Waterjet is a provider of waterjet cutting systems with offices in Eben , Austria ; Schweinfurt in Germany and Reiden in Switzerland . It has developed the OneClean modular system . The abrasives recycling module of the OneClean system makes it possible to recycle more than half of the garnet for additional cutting tasks , it told ISMR . Waterjet cutting systems include the MicroCut , EcoCut , MasterCut and PremiumCut .
The Swift-Jet cutting head .
Swift-Cut Automation offers the Swift-Jet , its waterjet cutting solution .
“ The Swift-Jet , with its easyto-use software and powered by Hypertherm HyPrecision pumps , can cut a wide range of materials and is the answer to affordable , high precision , highquality , in-house cutting ,” said the manufacturer .
TCI Cutting , a Spanish manufacturer of laser and waterjet cutting machines and intelligent automation systems , also develops
Alphajet cutting technology from Water Jet Sweden .
intelligent production management software for autonomous and strategic decision-making ( TCI Manager ). This software improves production in the industrial sheet metal cutting sector through intelligent communication systems machine-to-machine and machineto-person , in an environment of integral automation and digital transformation .
TECHNI Waterjet manufactures waterjet cutting solutions for the metals , composites , glass and stone industries . Now part of the GMM Group , it controls the entire the waterjet process in-house , with its own developed servo-driven pump and 5-axis cutting head and holds several patents on its technologies . Its Electric Servo Pump is designed to be efficient and quiet .
“ Our new Intec-G2 ® waterjet machine cuts parts up to 12 ” thick in most materials . Simple to use , its versatile cutting allows users to cut multiple material types on the same bed without having to change tooling ,” it explained . “ Our Quantum NXT™ Series pump incorporates technology from the NASA space shuttle programme , making it 60 % more efficient than standard hydraulic intensifiers .” Water Jet Sweden , based in Ronneby ( southern Sweden ) is a well-known waterjet
TCI Manager software for waterjet cutting systems . cutting specialist with over 100 different waterjet cutters . It has just launched Alphajet , which it dubs ‘ the next generation of taper angle control and perpendicular waterjet cutting ’.
“ Alphajet is mechatronics based on compact design with a fixed TCP point . Extraordinary cutting result can be achieved with carefully selected machine elements and small precise movements at an angular accuracy within ± 0.05mm ,” it told ISMR . “ You can fit up to four Alphajets on the same machine , thereby quadrupling the cutting capacity .”
The Fine Abrasive Waterjet ( FAWJ ) cutting process bridges the gap between micro laser and EDM cutting and brings water jet cutting into micro part processing . To enable such levels of precision you need two things : ( 1 ) a cutting head and cutting process for FAWJ cutting and ( 2 ) a machine built for extreme accuracy . The NCM 10 Micro is Water Jet Sweden ’ s offering which it has designed to meet both these requirements .
WJS has showcased an Augmented Reality , 3D version of one of its advanced waterjet machines , the FiveX , so that visitors could get closer to the operational cutter and look at it in 1:1 , 1:4 or 1:10 scale , and then take it home with them on their smartphone or tablet . The company ’ s entry-level waterjet cutting systems include the T-model and H-model .
Italian manufacturer , Waterjet Corporation Srl , has showcased its EDGE 5 cutting system with integrated ITC . Its machines include cantilever and bridge designs and five-axis flying bridge technology ( Edge 5 ) which delivers significant productivity improvements . The company also offers combination plasma and waterjet machines , as well as waterjet surface texturing technology .
Wazer , a US-based company , is now offering what it calls ‘ the first desktop waterjet ’ at 864mm x 635mm x 534mm . The cutting area is 305mm x 460mm . n
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