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MECANUMERIC waterjet cutting technology .
Right : STM TAC 12 ° angle error compensation cutting head for the MasterCut system .
Below : The new EcoCut model from StM Waterjet .
MECANUMERIC offers 5-axis waterjet equipment for hard materials ( stone , steel etc . with abrasive ) and soft materials ( rubber , leather , etc .).
Metallbau Müller GmbH ( MBM ) recently developed a combination of abrasive sludge suction and cutting water treatment , which is also suitable for smaller waterjet cutters and complies , it told ISMR , with European wastewater introduction regulations .
MicroStep , a manufacturer of CNCcontrolled cutting systems , is celebrating its thirty-year anniversary . The company develops and produces plasma , oxyfuel , laser and waterjet cutting systems . It also offers tested automation solutions , from material handling around the cutting system to picking and sorting of cut parts .
OMAX ® Corporation is a manufacturer of rapid multi-axis abrasive waterjet systems , cutting 2D and 3D parts from a range of materials and thicknesses . Owner of the
OMAX , MAXIEM ®, GlobalMAX ®, MicroMAX and ProtoMAX ® brands , the company designs waterjet systems that feature intuitive software , efficient direct drive pump technology and a wide range of accessories .
In April 2019 , OMAX merged with Hypertherm . This merger combined OMAX ’ s direct drive pumps , software and applications technologies with Hypertherm ’ s portfolio of intensifier-based pumps , abrasive recycling systems and AccuStream consumables . OMAX also announced the launch of OMAX TV at OMAX . com last year , with video content demonstrating abrasive waterjet technology , waterjet applications and materials capabilities .
Projet System is a supplier of pure waterjet spare parts ; abrasive waterjet spare parts ; high-pressure pumps ; coils ; high-pressure tubing and high-pressure coupling .
Rainford Precision ’ s Finepart micro abrasive WMC500 II waterjet system is manufactured
MicroMax cutting with OMAX .
in Sweden and features a micro-fine jet of just 0.2mm . This , said the manufacturer , provides a positional accuracy of +/ -2.5microns , a repeatability of +/ -2 microns and an adjustable jet pressure from 500 to 4000bar .
Resato equipment .
Resato International ’ s product range includes high-pressure technology waterjet cutting systems as well as components and systems for testing , injection and control that operate up to 14,000 bars . Its modular waterjet cutting solutions include the ACM- 2015 waterjet cutting machine . This machine is equipped with a 3-axis , 5-axis cutting head and is powered by a waterjet intensifier pump ( type PJ4-4000 ).
The Resato Job manager , Resato EMS monitoring software and the Job Manager module ensure that multiple cutting jobs can be programmed . The EMS monitoring software monitors the cutting process 24 / 7 . Products also include the double intensifier pump and the abrasive continuous supply mini .
The StM Waterjet Group presented its new EcoCut and MasterCut waterjet cutting systems at the Blechexpo trade show in Stuttgart , Germany , recently .
New features of the STM EcoCut include the improved STM lance flushing system , installed for the first time in the version for abrasive waterjet cutting . Accumulated abrasive sand is transported out of the cutting basin without using any wear-prone mechanical systems . The layout of the cutting unit has been optimised to reduce all types of vibrations , and space-
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