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Hypertherm waterjet cutting . The Intermac Primus range .
Flow showcased a Mach 200 , headlining the Pivot + ™ cutting head and its flagship Mach 500 waterjet cutter featuring Dynamic XD , multi-axis cutting , live at the FABTECH exhibition in Chicago ( USA ) in September .
Hypertherm , a U . S . -based manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and abrasive waterjet cutting systems ( including intensifierbased pumps , abrasive recycling systems and AccuStream consumables ) introduced predictive maintenance waterjet pumps in 2018 ‘ to substantially reduce maintenance costs and disruption caused by non-planned service ’. This generation of pumps — called HyPrecision Predictive — is equipped with features such as Hypertherm ’ s Advanced Intensifier Technology .
It also launched the Hypertherm Connection Hub , a new virtual event platform , to provide access to live product demonstrations , learning opportunities and conversations with Hypertherm plasma , waterjet , and software experts . In April 2019 , it completed the acquisition of OMAX , a leading supplier of integrated waterjet cutting systems based in the U . S .
Intermac ( part of the Biesse Group ) offers its Primus range of waterjet cutting systems . The 5-axis cutting head is fitted with the patented Intermac infinite rotating C-axis system for making tilted cuts (+/ -60 °) on complex profiles , with no limits . This system , says Intermac , eliminates the errors due to rotating axis reverse clearance in traditional
KMT ’ s Streamline Pro . methods , and also guarantees a constant supply of abrasive material .
Jet Edge , Inc . manufactures complete systems for precision waterjet cutting , mobile waterjet cutting and UHP cleaning and surface preparation applications , as well as accessories . Models include the Edge X-3 mid-rail gantry waterjet , the Edge X-5 five-axis waterjet and the Edge X-HR high-rail gantry waterjet . It also offers a wide range of waterjet pumps , including hydraulic intensifier pumps and direct drive pumps .
“ Our Edge X-5 features five-axis waterjet cutting that is capable of bevel cutting to 60 °. Complex 3D parts , including impellers and gears , can be cut in the hardest materials with a taper-free finish . Controlled with the fully-networkable Aquavision DI , the system is optimised with multiple heads , nesting software , laser surface mapping and lights-out cutting . It also comes with a Jet Edge UHP Pump ,” said the manufacturer .
Jet Star International provides a range of spare parts for waterjet cutting systems .
Jet Star International Ltd . is a European supplier of high-performance waterjet products such as garnet abrasive and spare parts designed for all types of waterjet machines .
Kerf Developments offers a range of waterjet cutting machines . The Optima waterjet series has the option of a 3- , 4- or 5-axis cutting head . The Optima is offered with an X-axis of 2 , 3 or 4m and a Y-axis span of 1 , 2 , 4 or 6m with bespoke dimensions available upon request . The Z-axis stroke enables cutting of material up to 180mm thick with precision levels of 0.1mm . The Optima 320 twin-head system cuts materials of up to 125mm thick with a cutting envelope of 3m x 2m .
KMT Waterjet celebrates its 50th anniversary this year . It specialises in the design and manufacture of waterjet cutting pumps and technology , and specifically ultrahigh-pressure (‘ UHP ’) pump technology with water pressurised up to 90,000 PSI / 6.200 bar . Its line of waterjet intensifier pumps , pure water only or abrasive waterjet cutting nozzles , abrasive management systems and waterjet parts / components are integrated with OEM waterjet machines . With its STREAMLINE models , the company incorporates IoT technology into its offering portfolio .
The KMT Waterjet Cut Calculator 2.0 App , with an ondemand webinar , incorporates 25 materials and offers a wider range of substrate thicknesses , horsepower , orifice sizes and abrasive rates . It shows the actual time differences cutting at 90,000psi / 6.200bar vs . 60,000 / 4.100bar , calculating speed / capacity , cost per part / job and abrasive consumption / savings .
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