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The Apex-60 cutting head . The CMS Tecnocut Proline .
New innovations
AAG ( AXYZ Automation Group ) has now added the M-Series of large-format waterjet cutting machines to its WARDJet range of waterjet cutting systems . It includes several new design features that enable easier access to the material being processed , faster cutting speeds and maximum utilisation of the processing bed area to reduce material wastage .
Following the recent introduction of a new corporate identity , AAG added a 5-axis cutting head to its WARDJet portfolio . Key attributes of the Apex-60 include the ability to cut at angles of up to 60 degrees using a cutting force of 39N and at a maximum speed of 50.8 metres / minute , along with a Z-travel capability of 304.8mm . This year marks the 30th anniversary of AAG .
ALLFI Quantum .
The ALLFI Quantum 4550 waterjet pump is designed to be up to 60 % more energy efficient than standard hydraulic boosters . This “ green ” waterjet pump requires up to 70 % less cooling water and less electricity and oil , according to the manufacturer .
BTG GmBH has showcased two highpressure pumps in its ECOTRON range – the 40.37 + and the 40.45 +.
Luxembourg manufacturer CERATIZIT has produced its PREMIUM + FOCUSING TUBES for demanding waterjet cutting applications .
Optimised wear protection ensures longer tool life ( which supports improved machine utilisation ). Improved material quality and processing offer up to a 30 % improvement in performance , according to the manufacturer .
CMS Metal Technology recently launched its CMS Tecnocut Proline , a compact , sturdy single-block design waterjet cutting system . It includes up to two 4150 bar ( 60K PSI ) integrated electric intensifiers for cutting versatility .
“ The system features a stainless steel tank that can include an optional retrofit dredge ; pipe rotary axis ; automatic water level system and 5-axis calibration TCP . Front and rear automated hatches protect the operator and create a cleaner working environment . A laser line projector easily and rapidly checks the alignment of the material with respect to the cutting X-axis . A video camera , integrated into the Z-axis , captures the cutting area to accurately determine the origin of the work ,” explained CMS .
“ The machine is accurate with positioning precision and axes repeatability of +/ -0.035mm and +/ - 0.025mm , respectively , to meet demanding cutting applications ,” it added .
Its digital solutions include CMS Connect , an IoT platform that is integrated with the latestgeneration CMS machines , and CMS Active , its new operator HMI interface , as well as the Eye CMS console .
With its ConSus abrasive mixing unit , waterjet cutting specialist ConSus ANT enables the stationary use of Water Abrasive Suspension ( WAS ) systems in the processing industry . A continuous suspension jet , it says , provides a ‘ more efficient cutting performance at lower pressure compared to conventional Water Abrasive Injection ( WAIS ) systems ’. For customisable performance comparison of both methods , a free web app is offered .
ConSus operates at a maximum pressure of 1500 bar and can be integrated into any existing waterjet cutting system , as ‘ only the pump and control system need to be adapted ’.
Eckert ’ s Opal Waterjet Combo is a patented , rapid CNC waterjet for plasma and waterjet cutting . Equipped with the Pro-X 3D waterjet cutting head , it combines the advantages of ultra-fast plasma cutting and precision waterjet cutting . Eckert cites a reduction of production costs ‘ of up to 70 %’ in comparison to standard waterjet machines . It also offers a stand-along Opal Waterjet with 2D and 3D cutting heads .
Flexicon ’ s JET-FEED™ garnet delivery system feeds garnet directly from 1814kg bulk bags to the pressure pot . It consists of a BULK-OUT ® bulk bag discharger with a removable bag lifting frame that is positioned by forklift above a bulk bag .
Flow International Corporation , a developer and manufacturer of ultra-highpressure waterjet machines for cutting applications , offers its Mach range of waterjet cutting systems . Available with a dual bridge , the Mach 700 series is a large format waterjet designed for demanding environments . The NanoJet is a small-format waterjet machining centre and fully enclosed , all-in-one solution .
Garnet exiting the flexible screw conveyor gravity discharges through flexible downspouting into the waterjet ’ s pressure pot ( Flexicon ).
The Flow Mach 500 waterjet cutting system .
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