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A DEES 250-ton stamping press .
We focus on making our presses part of their production line , instead of stand-alone machines
“ Energy saving and smart manufacturing are two of the prime issues for our users now . In some countries , the government offers preferential duties to importers for buying equipment with energy-saving functions . In addition , it is also good for users in the long term . To meet this demand , we have started applying servo systems on our presses for years , and for users who don ’ t understand this type of technology very well , we also offer suggestions to help them choose motors with the right capacities so that no energy is wasted ,” Lee explained .
Automation and artificial intelligence ( AI ) technologies are becoming more popular , so DEES has added Industry 4.0 remote monitoring functions , history review systems and program-fixing tools to its systems . It invests a reported 30 % of its turnover into product improvement .
“ Some users need to monitor certain machine parameters remotely for the current production status and to understand what might go wrong if there ’ s a failure in their production lines . We can help them to easily monitor our presses and collect data for analysis . We focus on making our presses part of their production line , instead of stand-alone machines ,” he concluded .
Tandem and hot forming lines
Around 2500 tons of tandem press lines have also been customised by DEES for the automotive manufacturing industry . DEES has also successfully built hot forming lines for certain high-strength steels , the most difficult materials to form , so lower temperature aluminium and other alloys will be less challenging . The technology demonstrates how heat can shape high-strength materials , overcome post-forming bounce-back issues and provide accurate finished parts .
“ The DEES hydraulic system is easy to maintain and powered by the motor and pump set . Moving bolsters with a Q . D . C . S . ( Quick
Above : DEES 2000
Right : A 2,500-ton DEES tandem line with Yaskawa robotic arms and left moving bolsters , for quick heavy die exchange , delivered to DFSK Automotive in China .
Die Change System ) makes heavy die change easier and faster . Rapid pressing speed is between 30 and 150mm / s , controlled by the accumulator , and the approaching speed is 800mm / s or faster with a return speed of 600mm / s or faster . A cushion system knocks out the parts . All speeds and strokes , including the slide and cushion systems , are adjustable . The repetitive is within ± 0.05mm ,” the press specialist told ISMR .
“ Our self-developed HD-FASTech technology addressed provides deep drawing ’ s high efficiency levels , greatly improving productivity . The tandem line pictured below is working 24 / 7 and the customer has a market share of over 10 % and is one of the top three automotive manufacturing industries in the world . We supplied the custom hydraulic presses , designed and manufactured in-house , which are rigid , strong and robust for long operations ,” it added . n
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