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Ale Lee and the DEES team on a DEES show booth .
Lee is hopeful that the widespread application of COVID-19 vaccines will control the spread of the virus and that business travel will recover to previous levels .
“ If the vaccines work well for one or two more seasons , we might expect the travelling bans to stop worldwide . Currently , we can see customers start becoming more active since Q3 . In Q4 , business has become more aggressive with orders being placed for ongoing projects . The factories have also been recovering . We expect and predict a much better year in 2022 and hope that exhibitions will re-start this quarter ,” he added .
Strategic and technical focus
The pandemic also drove DEES to move more into online marketing and strengthen its online advertisement and broadcast video offerings , as well as its digital newsletters . It also participated in virtual , as well as physical , exhibitions worldwide , and Lee praised some of the virtual event apps that the company has used .
“ The event online apps or webs editing apps were very advanced . This shortens our travel times considerably ,” he pointed out .
Automation options on a DEES press .
Ale Lee , Sales Manager , DEES .
“ Our current technical developments are focused on servo-controls and energy-saving improvements . More customers now require these as standard , so demands have increased as costs decrease ( good news for buyers and sellers ). We are spending more time and investment on testing servo motors from different countries such as Germany , Italy , Taiwan , Japan and so on . We will pick one or two main suppliers to create the MOQ for competitive unit prices ,” he added .
DEES is developing higher accuracy presses using servo motors to form a flexible forming curve or stop the slide during deep drawing . Servo motors react faster than conventional motors on presses .
This year , it has also sought to reduce costs by testing local ( Taiwanese ) suppliers . It is also aiming to increase ascending and descending press speeds and shorten valve response times . Its die spotting presses achieve ± 0.01mm accuracy , it told ISMR . Electrical system improvements include advanced linear transducers that ensure accurate slide positions and maintain accuracy and repeatability .
We invested in building a new factory in Taiwan , which is double the area of the old one , and moved to it in 2019
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