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The SPC DEES deep drawing press offers customisable sizes , with the option for different methods of movement .


Stamping specialist DEES outlines its strategic and technical priorities to ISMR , as well as its latest initiatives .

“ Smart manufacturing , servo control development and energysaving measures on its presses are key for DEES in 2021 .”

Taiwanese manufacturer , DEES Hydraulic Industrial Co ., Ltd is a leading supplier of hydraulic press technology in Taiwan . Its press technologies include tandem press lines and individual presses ( such as transfer ; tripleaction ; deep drawing ; die spotting ; tryout ; high-speed ; servo-hydraulic ; hemming ; 3-way ; 4-post and C-Frame ). Over the past 45 years , it has built and exported more than 4,500 machines and 45 tandem press lines to 85 countries .

Ever since DEES was established in 1976 , its basic philosophy has been ‘ to provide customers with complete engineering , manufacturing and solutions ’. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 and CE , DEES offers hydraulic presses for metal forming and hot forming of composite or alloy materials . Its hydraulic press capacity ranges from 30 to 6,000 tons . As well as its newly expanded factory in Taiwan , it has a 37,000m 2 factory in China ( Kunshan ).
DEES provides its customers with complete engineering , manufacturing and solutions . Customers include Bombardier ; Boeing ; Honda ; Toyota ; Audi ; Volkswagen ; Mercedes- Benz ; Volvo ; Jaguar ; General Motors ; Bosch Group Home Appliances and Electrolux .
COVID-19 response
“ Our machines are mainly for the automotive and home appliance sectors . End-users from these areas include Honda ; TOYOTA ; Audi ; Volkswagen ; Volvo ; Electrolux ; GE Home
A finished part , electronically cooled , made of bronze .
Appliances ; Foxconn and more . To increase our production capacity and provide our employees with a safer and more comfortable working environment , we invested in building a new factory in Taiwan , which is double the area of the old one , and moved to it in 2019 ,” explained Ale Lee , DEES sales manager .
However , the COVID-19 pandemic seriously affected DEES ’ business , especially in overseas markets .
DEES HD 300 die spotting press .
Over the past 45 years , it has built and exported more than 4,500 machines and 45 tandem press lines to 85 countries
“ It not only caused a dramatic decrease in our international orders , but also stopped us from sending our engineers abroad for installation and repair works . To respond to this crisis , we took a series of steps ,” explained Ale Lee .
“ Firstly , we started putting more emphasis on developing our local market . We tried to find and develop more potential users in our own country . The advantage of this approach is that there are no installation issues . Secondly , for the installation of new machines , we prepare detailed instruction manuals to help users to install presses as and provided online assistance through various IM apps . During this difficult period , we also took the opportunity to offer more training to our engineers . Even though business slowed , it was important that our engineers kept improving themselves . This not only improves the quality of our presses , but also provides a better technical service to our users in the future ,” he told ISMR .
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